Friday, July 1, 2022

Space Vampire, She Exists to Feed and to SHower

Okay, I know.  This is an artsy-fartsy effort.  Really smart people with Ph Ds will like it a lot and give it awards at festivals.  One may even label it Bohemian.  But wait!  Bohemian or not...the vampire is a real doll.  To be more specific, it's the Kate Beckinsale kind of vampire.  You know the type...a real babe in tight, black, vinyl or latex with sexy black boots.  Bohemian or trailer trash, this kind of vampire always merits our attention.  Today we look at 2020's "Space Vampire," a Chris Alexander film.

To understand this film is to understand what a vampire is.  A blood sucker.  They exist to eat (blood).  They feed.  They're dead.  Used to be alive...but now...they're dead.  The babe vampire (Ali Chappell) in this film feeds.  She wanders and lives in a mansion.  She either lived there when she was alive, too...or snuck in and fed on the owner.  Probably, in a similar event that happened to her, she feeds on a beautiful woman in bed.  She's kind of she ends up splattered in blood.  She'll strip out of her alluring vampire get-up, and shower the blood off.

What else?  Well, the what else is in her face.  She used to be more.  Uh is apparent there is still some humanity left in her...not much.  No is all in her face.  Sad...doomed... helpless, a slave to her condition.  She'll prowl at doubt to secure blood.  Then shower (Yes!).  However inhuman she is, and however much she is a creature of the night...the trace amount of humanity inside her, a dying amount, knows she is doomed to this inhuman existence and this breaks our hearts.  This is not a "30 Days of Night" vampire...this is a babe we care about.  Sure, the tight vinyl costume and boots help with this attraction.  Make no mistake...she exists to feed.

Chris Alexander shows us the horrific and heartbreaking existence of a creature of the night who used to be human.  How she got this way is hinted at in this film and where she is destined to go is also hinted at.  By the way...the ending?  You'll see.  Some may say it is a shocking twist...but think about it.  Perhaps it changes nothing.  See "Space Vampire" and be ready to be allured and saddened. 

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