Sunday, June 19, 2022

Restart the Earth, Humanity Eating Plants

Nature turns on humans.  Classic theme of horror films.  Today, from China, we have one of these movies. The plot may be predictable but the plant/monster effects are cool, and the commandos are hunks, except for two.  Those two are commando babes.  With humanity facing extinction, the Chinese commandos are our only hope.  Today we take a look at 2021's "Restart the Earth," directed by Zhenzhao Lin.  By the way...don't be fooled by the awful title, this is a wild monster movie.

Plants rebel.  They develop a conscious and get ticked at humans.  This causes them to grow to gargantuan sizes and strangle the Earth.  They strangle skyscrapers, whole cities, cars, people, and roads.  Humankind seems extinct as our film begins with a scientist dad, Yung How (Mickey He) trying to keep his cute little girl, Yung Yung (Mi Luo) alive.  The duo live in a makeshift fortress protected by UV lights.  The plants get in and drag Yung Yung away.  Yung How chases after the green things and follows them to a giant plant infested laboratory.  Now the plants want to eat Yung Yung and capture her dad, too.  Just as all looks hopeless, out of nowhere, commandos barge in to save the day.

A babe lieutenant commando (Michelle Ye) chops away the tentacle-type roots with her katana sword as her mates bring in the firepower to include a flamethrower.  It is an epic battle and now the commandos and the two they rescued are on the run.  Now we find out Earth only has a couple of days before the miles deep root systems pull it apart.  A central command is calling the shots and they have a plan.  Uh oh...the plan won't work, says scientist Yung How.  Now he must get the military to listen to him and alter it.  Meanwhile, the massive plants chase after them and pull down skyscrapers beside them.  Now the babe commando and Yung How make goo goo eyes at each other as Yung Yung detects that a new mom may be imminent.  Uh oh...Yung How's plan won't work either...but never fear, help will come in unexpected places.

Massive in scope, and plenty of plant monsters that will remind you of the creatures in "Deep Rising," will make this film very satisfying.  The Chinese spared no expense and who can argue with a babe commando wielding a katana sword as a plot device.  For an epic monster movie with no PC Hollywood themes, see "Restart the Earth."   

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