Saturday, June 25, 2022

Alien Goddess, A Bloody Mess from Sweden

Yep, its from Sweden.  I know what you're thinking.  Sweden?  Swedish babes?  Yep, there will be Swedish fact, one of the main characters is Mistress Julie (Luna Dvil), a big breasted dominatrix.  Sold already?  Well good!  Be warned, you will often yell "What is going on here?" during this film.  Be patient...its kind of all answered by the end...and did I mention the Swedish dominatrix?  Today we look at 2022's "Alien Goddess," directed by the probably blond Andreas Marawell.  

One night a massive school or university building in the Swedish countryside will be very busy.  An evening class is occurring there for people fearing death.  Their professor, Lori (Birgitta Rudklint) takes her adult learners through decomposition, maggots, and rigor mortis.  Also in the school are two hot lesbians, Miranda (Julija Green) and Wendy (Karin Engman).  They are there to make-out and express their feelings for one another.  Then, a photo shoot.  Paul (Okan Akdag) is shooting some erotic smut featuring the aforementioned dominatrix and Dorothy (Johanna De Vera).  The two models will engage in faux catfights and pull their tops off.  Then the weirdness happens.

Something is in the walls.  It seems to want everyone presently in the building. Poor Wendy, she'll wander away first and be gripped by...well, you will see.  One by one, students wander away from the death class and then the power goes out.  Now, everyone is wandering through the building and figuring out they can't leave, you'll see.  The thing in the walls manifests and there will be gory kills and organs ripped out of torsos.  Now a mysterious beauty (Chantel Gluic) emerges in Miranda's clothes and she holds the key to what is going on...too bad, she will not speak.  The gore increases, hearts are ripped out, and not all of the beautiful will remain beautiful.  But why?  Trust sort of comes together.

Who is this mysterious and silent beauty that has emerged?  Will we see more catfights or whippings in scenes with Mistress Julie?  Will the creature inside the walls turn the tables on Mistress Julie?  Okay, so I'm preoccupied with the Swedish, you won't be?  So go follow the other sheep and see Tom Cruise in "Maverick."  For prurient gore and Swedish BDSM action, see Mistress Julie in "Alien Goddess."   

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