Saturday, June 11, 2022

Devil Story, Lingerie Clad Babe vs. Monsters

A sultry blonde clad in a white shiny and very kinky piece of lingerie will grace our blog today.  The babe, delusional and helpless, will be chased by a mutant Nazi, the Nazi's mom, a mummy, a babe zombie, a ghost ship out of "Tombs of the Blind Dead," and a demon possessed horse.  Yep, today we will look at a French film, 1986's "Devil Story," directed by Bernard Launois.

As this fine cinematic jaunt begins a mutant Nazi (Pascal Simon) shreds a couple of campers and a couple who break down at the side of the road.  The killings will be followed by spurting blood.  Enter our nice looking couple (Veronique Renaud and Marcel Portier) and their Mercedes Benz.  Now they break down and are fortunate enough to make it to a huge castle/hotel run by two weird locals.  The rain begins and a demon possessed black horse torments the people inside the castle.  The old guy who runs the place grabs his shotgun, goes outside and shoots at the horse for the next 24 hours, never getting anywhere close to hitting it.  This is not an exaggeration.  Our blonde babe puts on her nice piece of lingerie and follows the old guy outside into the storm.

The husband?  He's useless, like all men, and we won't mention him again.  Now the Nazi mutant drags coffins to his farm where he lives with his mom.  They both see the lingerie babe being chased by the horse and try to capture her.  The mom wants to murder the beauty but she gets away.  Bad news, a mummy arrives and resurrects a babe.  The old guy continues shooting at the horse.  Uh oh!  A ghost ship rises out of the sand to torment all involved.  Our babe is chased by the Nazi and looks fine in her lingerie, jiggling appropriately.  Uh oh for the Nazi...the horse kicks half his head off...he's none the less because of it.  Now our babe sees the old guy has bad aim and commandeers his shotgun...LINGERIE BABE WITH A SHOTGUN!!!  That's another film, I'm sure.

Where does this all lead to?  Oh, come on?  Non-consensus plot lines was a concept first theorized by Guy de Maupassant a long time ago (okay, I just made that up).  But, hey!  Well built blonde in shiny lingerie, chased by monsters, jiggling nicely, and eventually grabbing a want a storyline?!  Please!  For a really alluring movie watching experience, watch "Devil Story."  

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