Thursday, June 9, 2022

Meatcleaver Massacre, Mass Murder and its Downside

Based on the title alone, 1977's "Meatcleaver Massacre" is a definite for this blog.  Even its original title, "Hollywood Meat Cleaver Massacre," is a winner.  Starring Christopher Lee!  Sure, there are problems with this film.  Christopher Lee is not in it...either are there meat cleavers...and there is no glimpse of Hollywood.  I think we are all big enough to look beyond those deceptions.  After all, we ignore deception when we vote every November.  Dismissing Christopher Lee, even though he is top billed, and the meat cleavers, we will look at this Evan Lee film. 

The Destroyer of Destroyers, the Gaelic demon Morock!  Hey, if you can't get Christopher Lee, Morock is a close second.  Professor Cantrell (James Habif) lectures on Gaelic demons to his college class.  Four of his rudest students confront him after class and he tells them off.  The druggie quartet then seek revenge and pile into a van and go to his home.  There they sneak into his house, club the professor on the head (believing they killed him), murder his lovely wife, just out of the shower beautiful daughter, and hungry son.  Cantrell is now paralyzed from the neck down, and in a coma and on life-support in the hospital.

Now the four thugs think they have gotten away with murder.  Cantrell taps into his subconsciousness and even in a coma is able to summon Morock, the Destroyer of Destroyers.  Once summoned, Morock is relentless and never fails.  Mason (Larry Justin) is the meanest of the thugs and Dirk (Doug Senior) seems to be his number two.  One by one, Morock pays visits to our evil quartet and the results will be pretty gory.  J. Arthur Craig plays the detective investigating the crime and he does a pretty good job...though not as good as Morock.  Morock's wrath will be bloody, but there may be hope to break the curse...maybe.

Will any of our four thugs survive the wrath of Professor Cantrell/Morock?  Will his coma or newfound friend from Gaelic mythology affect Professor Cantrell's tenure?  Is this bloody saga a twisted metaphor for how America's inferior university system is murdering the intellectual ability of American youngsters?  Bloody and ominous.  If you can get over that the top-billed Christopher Lee is not in this film, you will enjoy "Meatcleaver Massacre."  

Note:  Some IMDb research has indicated Christopher Lee does appear in some cuts of this film as the narrator. 

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