Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The Eerie Midnight Horror Show, The Italian Exorcist

Who cut the cheese?  The grouchy exorcist guy!  I could not resist, but this happens an hour into this film. This film?  An "The Exorcist" rip-off from Italy. In fact, the plot is the same one as William Friedkin's film. Okay, it is a Euro-trash film so we have more prurient sex.  Oh yes, the girl?  Not a 13 year old but a nubile and sultry college student.  This film came out in 1974, the same year as "The Exorcist" so the movie makers jumped on the crucifix while it was still hot.  Today we look at "The Eerie Midnight Horror Show" (aka "Enter the Devil"), directed by Mario Gariazzo.

Danila (Stella Carnacina) is an art student.  She convinces her department to buy a statue of an evil looking hunk crucified on a cross.  Then the prurient weirdness begins.  That night she attends a party at her parents' place.  She witnesses her mom, Luisa (Lucretia Love), having vicious sex with a hunk.  Luisa likes to be whipped and bloodied during the dirty deed.  Danila, upset, goes back to the art department and paints.  While paining, the statue comes alive, rips her clothes off, and has mad pre-marital sex with her. Kind of liking it, Danila calls her boyfriend (Gianrico Tendinelli).  He's useless, like all men, so we will not mention him again.

Now Danila is possessed by Satan, who is the being in the statue.  Her parents bring her into the country for R&R only to breakdown in front of an ancient Temple of Baal (this is Italy, no Love's Truck stops around).  She explores and finds Satan waiting for her.  She'll witness some demon babes sacrificing nude virgins as Satan claims her.  Now Danila is all sexed out and tries to rape her dad.  Things get worse and the Catholic church gets involved after the medical experts are baffled.  Enter Father Xeno (Luigi Pistilli). After Xeno cuts the cheese, he is ready to exorcize Danila.  Oh yeah, Satan's defense against Xeno?  Danila is tasked to seduce the old priest and claim his soul.

Will Father Xeno succeed and free Danila from Satan's grasp?  Will Luisa get tied to an altar, stripped, whipped, and raped by demonic nuns?  Okay, maybe that is another film.  Either way, "The Eerie Midnight Horror Show" is a prurient Euro-trash entry from Italy you will enjoy. 

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