Friday, June 17, 2022

Project 'Gemini,' Where We Go When Earth Loses Oxygen

Elon Musk and a few other scientists are bent on making Mars sustainable.  Yep, Earth's days are numbered and the population keeps growing.  We humans need a new planet to build strip malls and strip clubs on.  From Russia, a movie that may give us an inkling on how this will all take place.  Today we look at 2022's "Project 'Gemini'," directed by Serik Beyseu.  So get ready for tentacled slimy creatures and cosmonauts with no personalities, and let's go exploring through the universe.

A virus has hit Earth's plants.  The green things are dying and the oxygen levels on our planet are plummeting.  We'll all suffocate soon unless we can find a new planet to colonize.  This is Russia, so Elon Musk isn't on their speed dial...but Dr. Steve Ross (Egor Koreshkov) is.  He has invented a sphere that will act as a terraform device and produce atmosphere and plants on a dead planet.  One such planet is found and he assembles a crew to go there and create a new place to live.  To do this, he will have to leave his babe wife, Amy (Alyona Konstantinova), who is working on a vaccine for the plants.  A special spaceship is invented that can tap into worm holes and do warp speed.  Boom!  The crew is on their way.

Uh oh!  Something goes wrong.  A "critical error," as the computer terms it.  Now the spaceship pops up in an unknown portion of the universe at the wrong planet.  Uh oh again...something else tagged along.  Something mean, slimy, homicidal, and with tentacles.  The crew lands on the planet, figuring one dead planet is as good as another dead planet, and activate the sphere.  Uh oh does create life...not the kind of life first imagined.  Now the crew is on the defense against this slimy and evolving creature.  Wait!  Indications are Steve is a mad scientist who knows more than he is letting on.  The creature is bent on murdering the crew and destroying the spaceship...or is it?  Yep!  Twists abound.  Remember Amy?  The babe back on Earth?  She'll pop up again in this plot.

Is Dr. Steve really an evil mad scientist or is he onto something too complicated for his crew to understand?  Is the tentacled creature really bent on murdering everyone or does it plan on doing something with the lone female cosmonaut (Carlyle DePriest)?  Are our cosmonauts really lost or is their ship right where it needs to be?  Corny and sappy at some points, an "Alien" rip-off at others, "Project 'Gemini,'" is a neat Russian scifi film which Elon Musk should take a look at.    

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