Thursday, June 23, 2022

Fury of the Wolfman, Paul Naschy and Euro-Babes

From Spain, another Paul Naschy film.  Spain's greatest horror actor always pleases and shreds Euro-babes as he does.  However beset Mr. Naschy is with some Tibetan curse, he can take heart in knowing sultry chicks will always be near.  Directed by Jose Maria Zabalza, we will look at 1972's "Fury of the Wolfman," today.  Perhaps lost in dubbing, the cohesion of this film isn't strong, but we don't need it to enjoy the carnage, the monster, and the Euro-babes.

Oh no!  Waldemar's (Naschy) Tibetan expedition is wiped out by an avalanche and he is the only survivor.  Still, Waldemar was not unscathed...he was bitten by a Yeti before being rescues.  Now he is home and nursed by his sultry wife, Erika (Pilar Zerilla).  He'll report back to work at the university where he is lusted after by two major-league Euro-babes...sultry professor of brain science, Ilona (Perla Cristal) and a hot grad student she has a spell over, Karin (Veronica Lujan).  Ilona seems to control Karin and there are hints at a lesbian relationship.  Now Ilona, who secretly loves Waldemar, seeks to control him.  Uh oh...the Yeti bite makes Waldemar a werewolf during the full moon and Erika and her lover are the first two sad. 

Now the plot thickens.  Waldemar seems to get killed fleeing the murder scene.  His body is dug up and Ilona brings it to her weird laboratory castle.  After Waldemar is revived, Karin also falls in love with him.  Bad news...Ilona is a mad scientist with no intention of ever releasing Karin or Waldemar.  The castle is filled with insane mutants (failed experiments), and they love pawing and strangling Euro-babes.  Now Waldemar seeks freedom as Ilona shows a proclivity to control him even when he changes into a wolfman.  Eek...Ilona has quite the terrifying surprise for Waldemar which might see Karin ripped to shreds.  Ilona's fiendish plot is insane and to make matters worse, the insane mutants rebel.

Just what is Ilona's surprise for Waldemar and Karin?  Does Karin have a shot at surviving until the end credits?  Will there be an epic catfight between Ilona and Karin (and maybe throw in some babe mutants) over Waldemar's affections?  Prurient, erotic, and campy...this werewolf film from Spain is a lot of fun.  For a great Friday night creature feature, take in "Fury of the Wolfman."   

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