Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Night of a Thousand Cats, Felines Eat Babes

If you hate cats...here is a film for you.  From Mexico, 1972's "The Night of a Thousand Cats," directed by Rene Cardona, Jr. In what looks like a Giallo film, so many beautiful babes will suffer a horrible fate and the 1,000 cats will end up well fed.  Still, we have to understand that the babes were engaging in either pre-marital sex, or extra-marital sex just before their demises...so, what do we expect? 

Here is the deal, Hugo (Hugo Stiglitz) is a rich guy who flies around Mexico City in his helicopter.  He searches for the most sultry babes in all of Mexico...and finds them.  He lands, romances them, has sex with him, and gives them a ride in his chopper.  Hugo brings them back to his mansion, has more sex with them, murders them, cuts them open, feeds their innards to his 1,000 cats, decapitates them, and keeps their heads as trophies.  Hugo has a menacing butler, Dorgo (Gerardo Zepeda), who helps out.  As the film begins we see him do this to the lovely Christa (Christa Linder). So sad...she never had a chance.

Hugo's cats are getting hungry again, so off he goes once more for another hunt. Two women capture his attention. An exotic dancer who sunbathes in a bikini on a penthouse roof. The dancer (Zulma Faiad) looks great all wet...and Hugo wants her,  She has a sugar-daddy and this annoys Hugo. Next up is Cathy (Anjanette Comer). The wealthy babe lives with her family in a mansion.  Hugo will have sex with both of them and both women love it.  Cathy goes back home and tries her old balding husband out, just to make sure. The old bald guy no longer pleases Cathy so she hops back into the chopper with Hugo.  Hugo has two prospects for his trophy case now.  We'll see them in bikinis, in the throes of extra-marital sex, and alas...horrified and on the run. Did I mention the cats are hungry again?

If Cathy and the dancer meet, will they have a cat-fight over Hugo's affections?  Do any of these beauties have a shot at surviving, even though their sexual morals would not be condoned by Mexico's Catholic church? Just who is this Hugo guy and where did he get an isolated mansion and 1,000 pets?  Erotic, and at times heartbreaking, "The Night of a Thousand Cats" is a good Mexican horror film for your movie night or video collection.   


  1. Yet another film I was unaware of that you have brought to my attention and now I must seek out. Thanks!

  2. pussy galore, god bless mexico, i bet they fed them rats.