Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Pale Blood, Vampires and the Babes They Bite

Vampires are not always the antagonists...just ask the nubile babes they bite.  It helps when they are handsome and European (classy).  Bloodsuckers they may be but most are willing to satisfy nubile babes more than the hunk boyfriends could ever do.  Still, their "lives" are sad and those nubile blood donors never fare well.  Today we look at 1990's "Pale Blood," directed by Dachin Hsu.

Vampire Michael (George Chakiris) arrives in L.A. from central Europe, complete with a portable coffin. He has hired a babe private-eye, Lori (Pamela Ludwig).  Lori was hired to track down a killer who bites the necks of nubile babes and drinks their blood.  Another vampire? Also hunting the bloodsucking killer is erotic film maker, Van (Wings Hauser).  Lori is a believer in vampires and Michael pretends he is a skeptic.  Uh oh...Michael needs to feed so he does the L.A. club scene.  There he finds Jenny (Diana Frank).  She is entranced by the suave vampire and brings him home where he bites her...but doesn't kill her.

What a coincidence, Jenny is one of Van's erotic actresses.  Now Van meets Michael and is very suspicious.  Van has set up a plan to capture a vampire which includes a garlic laced dungeon.  Uh oh again, Michael is falling for Lori.  This may be dangerous as Lori also has some secrets.  As neither Lori or Michael make progress in their investigation, Van does.  Now Van has a plan that will endanger Jenny and Michael.  More L.A. babes will be drained of their lifeforce and Lori makes a play for her new European friend.  But if Michael isn't the killer...well...who is?

Does the nubile party gal, Jenny, have a shot at surviving this film?  What is Lori's secret and why isn't she able to develop clues to the homicidal vampire's identity?  Will there be an opportunity to see Van's erotic films?  The twists in this one are pretty good.  The ending is both horrific and comedic and may answer some questions not originally asked.  For a neat VHS goodie, see "Pale Blood." 

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  1. Vampires, they are always a winning formula for scaring.