Sunday, June 6, 2021

Stormswept, Orgies and Haunts

A possessed house that turns up the libido on nubile babes and hunks? I'll buy. Seriously, the characters in this story are already teeming with libido so when the ghost of a plantation house cranks it out! Oh, major league babe, who spends much of this film nude and in heat, has her most dramatic sexual fulfillment scene when she fantasizes about deviant sex with Alex Trebeck. Really! I'm not kidding! Let us look at 1995's "Stormswept," directed by David L. Frazer. 

Babe real estate agent Dottie (Melissa Moore) is charged to show this haunted mansion to a babe actress, Brianna (Julie Hughes). Unbeknownst to Dottie, two weirdos left over from an orgy massacre are still living in the basement, nympho Missy (Kathleen Kinmont) and her keeper Lorne (Hunt Scarritt). A storm causes Dottie to have to stay at the mansion with Brianna and her film crew. Director Damon (Justin Carroll) will try, and mostly succeed, to have pre-marital sex with everyone in the house. Brianna's friend, and soon to be passionate lesbian lover, Kelly (Larissa McComes) is also stuck there along with a few more hunks and babes. The libidos explode and every babe in the house will fondle themselves after shedding their clothes and have sex.

No...I'm not kidding...this is really the plot. Do you think I'd make this up? Wait! Don't answer that. Uh oh...the house has a sordid past that includes blood orgies with non-virgin sacrifices and other carnage. Then Brianna tells us about her Alex Trebeck fantasy...really, she does. Even Dottie turns into an uncontrollable nymphomaniac seeking rough sex.  Our friends in the basement? Well, both of them seem to be under the spell of the evil original owner.  Lorne seems bent on chaining up a nude babe and sacrificing her to...well, to whoever. As the evil spirit riles up everyone's libido, it draws them all ever closer to a blood rite that usually ends these orgies.

Will our hunks and babes escape this haunted mansion (do they even want to)? Is Gene Rayburn slated to do a sequel? Are hyper libidos in horror films a plot device we just don't see enough of? This film has a lot of nudity, deviant sex, and more nudity. Fondling, steamy lesbian action, and very rough heterosexual sex will fill the 90 minutes on the silver screen with this one. For a film that will stoke your prurient interests, see "Stormswept."   

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