Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Madness, Five Babes and a Psycho

There are some problems with this film.  Several instances occur when the beset damsels make some really stupid decisions that could result in annihilation.  Then again, isn't that what endears these films to us?  Well, I guess that...and some gory deaths, and some very nubile damsels in much distress, and some neat kills, and nudity...yes let us remember the nudity...all that stuff endears these films to us.  Today we look at 2006's "Madness," directed by William M. Johns.

Five babes are heading on a ski trip.  Uh oh, a blizzard hits and the nubiles must retreat to Karen's (Michelene Pancoe) parents' home.  It is a nice home and the mom and dad are supposedly away at the beach.  Uh oh...Karen's psycho brother, Alex (Michael Rose) is there.  Alex has been ordered by his dad and very hot stepmom to leave the house, and be gone before they return from the beach. Not appreciating his eviction, Alex sets the house to blow up...and then the five babes scamper in.  None are happy to see Alex...except Megan (Jami Ross).  Megan dumped Alex but still likes him...and her heart is as pure as the white snow outside. His sister hates him.  Karen wants him gone and is not happy he just trashed her bedroom.

Alex is a psycho and has wired the house to blow up.  Jenny (Bernadette Lords) stumbles upon the bombs and Alex murders her.  Now Alex tells her buddies that she slipped down the stairs.  No one is too broken up about Jenny and her body is moved outside in the snow.  Heather (Laura Cool) desires a shower. Why not, she is a babe.  She doesn't even mind when she finds Alex already in the shower. Alas, pretty Heather should have run away as now her body is moved next to Jenny's.  Drama hits...slut Leah (Devan Lindsey) announces she is pregnant.  All the gals are pro-choice except Megan...now Megan is the bad guy...go figure.  Alex doesn't care if Leah is carrying a piece of tissue or an unborn baby, he gets a big butcher's knife and...well, you'll see.

We're running out of babes, do any of them stand a chance at surviving?  Oh yes, why did Alex incur the wrath of his dad and stepmom?  Let us just say his stepmom (Shelly Marks) is the hottest babe in this movie and she gets quite frisky (and wanting) toward Alex. Will this film go so far as to show Alex having weird sex with his stepmother and then murdering a fetus? You'll see.  This film is worth a watch for the cheesecake and taboo scenes.  For a squirming good time, see "Madness."

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