Friday, June 4, 2021

Head Cheerleader Dead Cheerleader, Cheer Squad Axed

Nubile high school cheerleaders in much peril, often in states of undress. Enough said! Guess who the cheerleading coach is...Debbie Rochon (and she has a gratuitous hot tub scene).  Pity!  Someone with an axe isn't as fond of cheerleaders as we are.  Pom poms will be bloodied, slumber parties will be massacred, and our nubile cheerleaders will die quite horribly.  Today we look at 2000's "Head Cheerleader Dead Cheerleader," directed by Jeff Miller.

Heather (Tasha Biering) is the sultry head cheerleader of her high school squad.  She's dating a football jock, Danny (Dan Roach).  High school babe Jezebel (Amber Coker) is ticked at Heather as Heather cut her from the team. Heather's partner on the squad is decapitated and so it begins.  A mysterious phone caller harasses Heather and promises to kill her and all the other cheerleaders.  Cheerleading coach Reilly (Rochon) will have a gratuitous hot tub scene which will end with an axe and you wincing...ouch! The beautiful will be felled by an axe man, including the remnants of a cheerleading slumber party where Violet (Beth Hunt) and Rose (Amy R. Beattie) will die horribly.  This after the frisky Molly (Noelle Manuel) gives us a topless cheer.

Suspects! Let's be real.  If you are a sultry cheerleading captain, there are automatically five dozen people with motive to kill you. Ex-boyfriends...rival cheerleaders...current perverts...but get this...the football team she cheers for may also want Heather dead. The local newspaper is filled with stories that failed cheerleading routines led to the football team's last defeat. Now Heather has reason to fear everyone...and as midnight on Halloween approaches, everyone seems to have a reason to go see her.

Did the banishment of NFL cheerleaders in the 2020 season have more to do with the fact these lovely ladies actually look like they are giving their opposed to the over-rated and pampered players? Is the sultry Heather heading down the same path as damsels in Giallo films? Is this film a thinly veiled metaphor for the misogyny professional and collegiate cheerleaders face from male and female athletes? This is a good exploitation/horror film with a lot of cheese, gore, and Debbie Rochon. For a titillating good time, see "Head Cheerleader Dead Cheerleader."   

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