Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Alyson Moon Interview, Moonlight Faiyrtale

Alyson Moon, the maker of the wonderfully romantic and hopeful MOONLIGHT FAIRYTALE graciously consented to sit down with man and discuss her film.  Soon, and hopefully with all of our help, MOONLIGHT FAIRYTALE 2 will be released.  Enjoy this interview of a beautiful and inspirational film maker.

CJZ: 2020 ends and everyone in the world is cranky and mean. 2021 doesn't begin any better. You release a beautiful film about optimism, love, and realizing the goodness that is just waiting to be realized. Was this a strategic decision on your part to do MOONLIGHT FAIRYTALE, perhaps as a wake up call to populations that seem to need a reminder of their humanity?

Alyson: An interesting question. In reality this was not a strategic decision.  This project had existed for a long time, before the pandemic, but for many reasons it had not yet materialized, and instead it has now been possible, and I am very proud of it because MOONLIGHT FAIRYTALE can help people dream and escape from everyday problems. After all, romance, good music and sweet feelings are always the best medicine!

CJZ: This film follows THE CIRCUS...a very different film. Now we see Alyson Moon as an ambassador of beautiful art and music (mostly jazz). After the intensity of THE CIRCUS, did you need to do this film to re-awake brightness and optimism inside you?

Alyson: The reason I wanted to make MOONLIGHT FAIRYTALE is that in my heart I am a very romantic dreamer. When I saw LALALAND for the first time, I immediately fell in love with this wonderful movie. It was love at first sight. This awakened my never dormant desire to do a musical full of jazz dance, dreams, and ambitions. Each phase of the movie was a pure moment of joy, just as it was wonderful to choose the music and shoot the dance scenes. My favorite scene is the one where the protagonist (me) dances in front of the pianist, trying to distract him. I also daydreamed during the romantic waltz of the rhythm of  The Rainbow Collection, a song with beautiful and poetic lyrics.

  CJZ: New York and L.A. are highlighted in MOONLIGHT FAIRYTALE. As opposed to the depravity many see inside these cities now, you conjure up a happier time in which romance, excitement, and dreaming prevail. Do you look at the major cities around the world, like New York and L.A. and see that...or is this just nostalgic remembrances? 

Alyson: These cities that you mentioned, for me are not nostalgic memories, because giving them this value would have the meaning of something that is finished, that never comes back. Instead, I prefer to call it a dream, a beautiful dream that is nevertheless also real because in the hearts of all dreamers. These are cities where desires come true, like a large playground with a fairytale, and in this parallel universe everything is possible, because in some scenes of the movie dreams and reality overlap, allowing the protagonist to experience the story, enter into it, some sort of ALICE IN WONDERLAND. But who can say where the dream ends, and the reality begins?

CJZ: MOONLIGHT FAIRYTALE is an incredibly vivid romance, perfect for a date or a watch on Valentine's Day. These types of films seemed to go away decades ago...I'm reminded of the Cary Grant/Deborah Kerr film AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER. Are those old love stories gone forever, or does MOONLIGHT FAIRYTALE help in ushering them back into our movie houses?

Alyson: Actually, MOONLIGHT FAIRYTALE is a love story in the broad sense of the term: Love of dance, love of jazz, love of dreams you want to turn into reality. In this muffled atmosphere, the pianist in the movie is perhaps the mirror on Amy, the image of herself that is projected outside her, traveling in parallel to realize new dreams, new projects without any limits. If we want to find an analogy with some old movies of the past, the first films that come to mind are the movies of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, or the movies of Sandra Dee. If, on the other hand, we want to stay in current times, I could say movies like LALALAND  and DE-LOVELY are the ones that have given the greatest inspiration.

CJZ: Drew Wilson and Alex Sullivan are wonderful in this film. They seem in love with art...and art is what makes us human...thus in love with humanity. In addition to being wonderful musicians, they had to be able to exude that love. Were they naturally equipped for the roles or did you have to work very hard with them?

Alyson: The musicians of the movie exuded so much love and passion for art in every scene, in a completely natural way because when you love what you do, this love can be seen, felt, is right in the air...they breathe it and transmit it to the public, without any effort, just because they believe in it, they live it with all their soul. 

CJZ: Your performance was effervescent and musical...is that Alyson Moon or was that a performance you had to carefully craft and learn to adopt?

Alyson: What you saw in the movie was the real Alyson Moon, with all her strengths and weaknesses.  I had fun and was passionate in every scene, and every time I see myself in the movie I am moved like the first time, because I feel all those emotions again. This experience was a full  true immersion in jazz, and I hope the audiences felt the same emotions, too.

CJZ: This film could be considered a medicine for a troubled time. Was this one of your intentions?

Alyson: I believe this movie can be considered not a real medicine, but perhaps a magical book where you can travel inside to discover real wonders it contains. The purpose of this movie was to dust off the old musicals of the past, because in my opinion they have never gone out of fashion and should never be forgotten. This is not a revival operation, rather I would call it transporting the old musical to our days, keeping intact the charm of the old movies of yesteryear. 

CJZ: A sequel is in the works I hear. Can you tell me anything about the sequel? If fans want to be part of it, how can they help its production?

Alyson: That's right Chris, the MOONLIGHT FAIRYTALE sequel is in the works, and its going to be even more compelling. The common thread will always be jazz, dance, and acting, but new situations and experiences will arise in the lives of the protagonists. It is better to keep a bit of mystery so as not to take away the pleasure of watching the movie, but the only certain thing is that the real protagonist will be jazz again. News songs, new exciting moments and many emotions are guaranteed! Anyone who wants to contribute with a donation to allow the film to come to life can do so through this GoFundMe link: GO FUND MOONLIGHT FAIRYTALE 2  

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