Saturday, June 12, 2021

Nazi Overlord, What if Syfy had made Saving Private Ryan

A film from The Asylum (Syfy) that gets a 2.2/10 rating on IMDB. Yes! You know this blog will be all over that.  Nazis, mad-scientists, mutant locusts, zombies, and a stirring adventure chronicling the horrors of war...2018's "Nazi Overlord," directed by Bob Pallatina.  Before poo-pooing this film, answer me this...did "Saving Private Ryan" have a babe mad-scientist who strips naked and plays with bugs? See! 

After surviving D-Day, a unit is sent on a secret mission. Col Forrester (Tom Sizemore) has a manpower problem after so many GIs died during the invasion. He sends Cpt. Rogers (Andrew Liberty) and a few of his GIs into Romania to rescue a mad scientist, Dr. Eris (Dominique Swain), who the Nazis now have. She is creating some sort of biological weapon and the Americans want do the same thing the Nazis intend to do. The unit arrives in Romania and realize the Nazis don't want to kill them, they want to capture them.  The GIs are needed for human test subjects.

Cpt. Rogers and his men are eventually captured and realize Dr. Eris, a babe, is voluntarily working with the Nazis. She has bred monster locusts that infest humans and blow up...beautiful.  Hey, Truman dropped two A-Bombs, don't get all moral on me. Dr. Eris strips and uses the GIs to test her bugs before she send the things into North America.  Now Cpt. Rogers and his men must escape or be infested by exploding locusts. Oh yes...she also makes GIs into cannibalistic zombies, but in her defense, she never dropped any A-Bombs.

Will Cpt. Rogers and his men escape and stop the Nazis from using the weapon Eris has created? Will Cpt. Rogers engage in pre-marital sex with the nude Eris? If Eris created a vaccine for an imaginary plague, would we put her on a pedestal with the American mad scientist, Dr. Fauci?  This is a fun one and it is nice to see our science fiction films not afraid of gratuitous nudity.  For bugs, nudity, gore, and WW2 intrigue, see "Nazi Overlord."   

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  1. Netflix would take this up, if it could say, Netflix Original!!!