Friday, June 18, 2021

Frozen Scream, Immortality and Gore

Today we look at one of the 'video nasties' (banned in Europe). 1970s exploitation/horror with as mad-scientists, lovely damsels (many will die horribly), gratuitous dancing, and some nice axe murders dot our feature. 1975's "Frozen Scream" plunges us deep into the discussion of immortality and free love. Directed by Frank Roach, this one would have appeared almost exclusively at drive-ins. 

In a gratuitous swimsuit scene, a hunk and babe are brutally murdered by a ghoul. The ghoul is a creation of Dr. Sven Johnsson (Lee James). He is the leader of a free love cult which includes a lot of sultry nurses and coeds...and some hunks. He and his paramour, Lil (Renee Harmon) abduct or kill these people and implant a device making them slaves to their twisted plans. One night, the ghouls apparently kill Tom (Wolf Muser). He's a loser with a sultry wife, Ann (Lynne Yeamon). She witnesses the killing and is traumatized. Uh oh, at the hospital, she is under the care of Dr. Lil and Dr. Sven. Initially they keep her sedated so she can't talk to police. The detective, Kevin (Thomas McGowan) loves Ann and plans to move in and marry her now that Kevin is apparently out of the way.

No one believes Ann when she awakes. She claims ghouls came in and killed her hubby. Lil assigns zombie drone Cathrin (Sunny Bartholomew) to care (keep an eye on) for Ann. Cathrin is a sultry blonde in a white nurse's uniform. She'll keep Dr. Sven and Lil advised of Ann's doings and romances and also have a gratuitous dance and murder number. Sven and Lil's zombies continue to kill and the two mad-scientists turn most of the corpses into mind numbed zombies.  To increase the 'cheese-factor' in this film, the ghouls horribly murder some nice looking babes with their sad. Now Kevin, after having pre-marital sex with Ann, decides to investigate Lil and Sven. This investigation will put him and Ann in great danger.

Beautiful dames as mind controlled drones of a scientific madman? Appealing in more ways than one...just think of the possibilities. Unfortunately for Lil, the guy zombies are drooling axe-men. Not fair, I know. Will Kevin get to marry the recent widow Ann, or will he become one of Sven's zombie drones? Turning the population into mind numbed zombies...hasn't this already happened without a serum? Bloody and gratuitous, "Frozen Scream" will deliver much gore and nudity as many beautiful damsels and hairy guys are beset in an extreme way. For some fun 1970s drive-in action and horror, see "Frozen Scream."  

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  1. The serum, vaccine, Pseifer .... so telling even today.