Thursday, June 10, 2021

Goth, Horrific Goth Babe

Having never put on black lipstick, been pierced or tattooed, or attended a rave party, I have no way of knowing 2003's "Goth" isn't the most accurate depiction of 'Goth" life ever put on film. Are any Goths sultry?  They are in this movie.  Black is the operable color in this film...but blood red gives it a nice run.  Directed by Brad Sykes, we'll dive into a vicious and bloody chronicle of a seldom studied slice of Americana. 

Cute couple (if 'Goth' can be cute), Crissy (Laura Reilly) and Boone (Dave Stann) are very amorous.  Pre-marital sex and parties/concerts is the life for these pierced beings.  They head over to a concert and meet Goth (Phoebe Dollar).  She is 100% Goth (just like her name).  Goth introduces our couple to a powerful type of blow and they get high.  She then takes them on a magical mystery ride in her Goth van.  Deviant sex, and brutal murder will follow.  Boone wants to run away but Crissy has a strange attraction to Goth.  Goth wants to corrupt them both and does.  Soon, they are accomplices to murder and rape.

Uh oh...Crissy's attraction to Goth isn't purely sexual.  Nope...a sad backstory may shed light on why Crissy is so eager to be attractive to Goth.  Boone has no clue and pleads with Crissy to leave this jaunt.  A vicious blood orgy massacre or two will follow as will deviant heterosexual and lesbian sex.  Goth is generous with her blow and Crissy is either falling deeper under her spell, or getting ready for something vicious herself.

The beautiful, ugly, scantily clad, and naked will die horribly in this one.  What is the basis for Crissy's attraction to Goth?  Is Crissy even more psychopathic than Goth?  Does Boone have any prayer at surviving this film?  Violent, deviant, and gory, "Goth" is a difficult film to watch in one sitting.  Still, if you like your horror loud and blood red (with some black thrown in), see "Goth."

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