Friday, December 31, 2021

Invasion of the Saucer Men, Little Green Men Run Amok

Classic 1950s scifi B movies!  Can't beat them.  Today we have one from the 1950s B Movie Hall of Fame!  1957's "Invasion of the Saucer Men, " directed by Edward L. Cahn.  Nubile babes in much peril.  Square jawed hunks trying to save them.  Then, of course, the little green men trying to murder all of the above.  True poetry, our feature today.

A spaceship crashes near lover's lane as many teens are necking in cars.  Also, two drifters drift into town, Joe (Frank Gorshin) and Artie (Lyn Osborn).  Joe and Artie can't scam any babes to date them so Artie goes home to bed.  Joe sees the ship crash and heads into the woods to find it.  Johnny (Steven Terrell) and Joan (Gloria Castillo) are two great looking teens who are eloping.  After necking on lover's lane they depart and accidentally crash into a little green man from the spaceship...and kill him.  Uh oh, the dead alien's hand grows an eye, separates from the body and now pursues our two engaged lovers.

Johnny and Joan call the cops.  The cops don't believe their story of a little green man.  Now all the other little green men decide to attack.  Uh oh, the U.S. Air Force has found the ship and is trying to drill into it.  This won't go well.  The little aliens attack a herd of cattle and the little hand, the one that grew an eye, tries to make the move on the nubile, but spoken for, Joan.  The aliens have needles that come out of their hands and murder Joe when he gets too close...then try to frame Johnny and Joan for his murder.  Now, running from the cops, Johnny and Joan must rally all the other teens who were necking at lover's lane, and form a posse to combat the little green men.  Gritty reality.

Are the lovelorn teens a better bet to defeat the alien invasion than the U.S. Air Force?  What plans does the severed alien hand have for the very nubile Joan?  Instead of Project Bluebook, would the Air Force have more success getting the public on their side if they instituted a program of sending lovers parking for the express purpose of necking?  This is a nice one.  The gals are very pretty and the guys are handsome.  The little aliens are cute and frightful little buggers.  For some classic 1950s science fiction, enjoy "Invasion of the Saucer Men."

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