Monday, December 13, 2021

Flu Birds, Mutant Condors versus the CDC

In 2008, who would've thought the Center for Disease Control would be more concerned about wiping out segments of the population than curing diseases? Not many. In 2021 we know better, as did a film that appeared on Syfy in response to the bird flu so-called epidemic/pandemic. Hokey and silly back in 2008, "Flu Birds" (aka "Bird Flu Horror") may just be the most accurate depiction of the CDC's true goals. Though the monster condors might be the apparent antagonist here, we do see the CDC for what they might really be here in 2021.

I love this plot risk juvenile delinquents are ordered by a judge to spend time in the wilderness. The goal is that they work together and appreciate their fellow man. This won't go their counselor is quickly eaten by mutant condors. A couple hunters are attacked and one survives and is brought to the hospital by Ranger Garret (Lance Guest). It just so happens that his grouchy ex, Dr. Hale (Clare Carey) is the doctor there. Dr. Hale yells at him a lot and eventually has the sultry Dr. Thomas (Terri Markel) care for the hunter who now has the bird flu. This won't go well as the beautiful doctor dies horribly after the CDC shoots her...what a metaphor! Now the grouchy and selfish Dr. Hale and Garret make their way into the woods to find out about these mutant birds. Oh yeah, Garret is bent on saving the juveniles.

Eva (Sarah Butler) is our favorite of these juvies...she is pretty and sassy and doesn't like to be touched. As their group is attacked by mutant birds, they run into an abandoned fort. Bad news, the fort leaks gas and they must leave. Again beset by the mutants, some of them are bitten and begin dying horribly. The group votes and elects to use the sick juvies as bait and decoys...Eva doesn't like this. Oh yeah, the CDC starts flying over the woods with a helicopter filled with nukes. They want to nuke the countryside to save a major metropolitan city. Now Garret, the grouchy Dr. Hale, and the juvies team up to try to elude the monster birds and find a way to kill them.

Is juvie Eva old enough where Garret can ditch the grouchy doctor and pursue pre-marital sex with her? Shouldn't have Garret brought the sultry Dr. Thomas with him for his romp in the woods and let the CDC shoot the grouchy Dr. Hale instead? Would it save more lives if Garret and the surviving juvies wipe out the CDC instead of the mutant condors? This is a fun one and will definitely be viewed differently in 2021 than when it came out in 2008. For some fun Syfy type horror, see "Flu Birds," directed by Leigh Scott.

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