Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Timebomb, CIA Deviants and Assassination

Michael Biehn and Patsy Kensit!  Enough said.  Has either one of these talents ever made a film that disappointed?  No! about this!  Tracy Scoggins as a babe assassin clad in a short tight skirt, stiletto heels and wielding a machine gun.  Oh yes!  I can see you drooling now.  How did you miss this one?  Today's feature is 1991's "Timebomb," directed by Avi Nesher.

Eddy (Biehn) is a dweeb working in a watch repair store.  Or at least that is who he thinks he is.  Uh oh!  He starts receiving a flood of memories, triggered by a deadly bombing, of him murdering a lot of folks.  In his dreams and memories, Eddy is a mean killing machine.  By chance he meets a psycho-analyst, Anna (Kensit).  She's a babe.  He asks her to help him figure out where these images and memories are coming from.  She is hesitant but agrees.  Just after she determines he needs more rest and to eat better, our pretty shrink gets caught up in a wave of violence surrounding Eddy.  Now a whole slew of CIA brainwashed assassins, including Tracy Scoggins, are coming after him with machine guns.

Uh oh for Anna...Eddy's old abilities come back, too.  Now he is an adept killing machine again.  With Anna at his side, Eddy goes through CIA assassins like crap through a goose.  Now Anna does not know whether to help Eddy, or run from him.  Help him?  More memories indicate that Eddy stands between the CIA and their goal of political assassinations to hide their murderous history.  Uh oh again.  We are treated to the secret CIA base where they manufacture these brainwashed murder machines...and it is terrifying...if not erotic.  

Okay, I know what your wondering.  Will Anna and Eddy engage in passionate pre-marital sex?  Will Anna and Tracy Scoggins involve themselves in a steamy and erotic cat-fight to the death?  Will the real Eddy be worse and more vicious than the CIA and their mission?  Explosions, cat-fights, gun fights, assassinations, throat slashings, and some great cheesecake and beefcake!  For a fun movie reviewing experience, see "Timebomb."  

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