Thursday, December 23, 2021

Monsters of Man, The CIA Unleashes Terminators

The movie proclaims itself zombie/terminator in subject matter.  Terminator/Predator may be a more apt description.   The monsters?  Well, the CIA, really.  The same CIA who murdered President Kennedy, Attorney General Kennedy, and convinced us that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction...yep, that CIA.  Now the CIA voyages back to southeast Asia (Cambodia) to murder more innocents.  2020's "Monsters of Man," directed by Mark Toia, is our feature today.

The CIA under an unnamed Major's (Neil McDonough) guidance drops four terminator like robots into southeast Asia.  The spooks and a large defense contracting company are trying out these killing machines...on people.  Locally, a spook named Boller (Jose Rosete) keeps a tech team of nerds in line to control the things remotely.  Uh oh...they begin thinking for themselves, killing innocent women and children in the our government has never done that before.  Now, the CIA and the defense contractor desire all witnesses to be eliminated.  Hence our four monster robots go on a killing spree.

Wouldn't you know it, a Navy SEAL, who deserted, has joined up with a village.  Mason (Brett Tutor) is struggling with ghosts of the peeps he murdered.  Now he organizes helpless villagers in order to survive and perhaps fight back against these terminator things.  Here come the volunteer, humanitarian American doctors.  The idealistic youngsters wanted to treat these jungle villagers against disease, but end up getting mowed down by machine gun fire from the robots. Now Mason must protect the surviving doctors, the villagers, and also fight a war against the same establishments that made him a killer many years ago.

Will the CIA allow anyone to survive, and if not...what are they prepared to do to this part of the Cambodian jungle?  If the robots are beginning to think for themselves, is their threat limited to this isolated Asian jungle?  Will the CIA try to tell us the Khmer Rouge has returned and have amassed WMDs?  50% of Americans used to trust the CIA...then Bush's war in Iraq happened.  Now, 5% of Americans trust the CIA, and Mark Toia, who made this film, has plugged into that mistrust.  Watch "Monsters of Man," and continue being cynical about the CIA's and the defense industry's desire to build horrible weapons and go to war.     

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  1. Great review mate, you really know geopolitics and poke fun at all those killers..