Sunday, December 5, 2021

Blood Orange, Iggy Pop and his Nude Trophy Wife

Kacey Barnfield (aka Kacey Clarke) is maybe the sultriest actress gracing the horror scene today.  You might remember her as she was ripped to shreds in one of the "Resident Evil" films, or as a nubile damsel in "Lake Placid." Now, we have her as a skinny-dipping trophy wife (or gold-digger) of Iggy Pop in 2016's "Blood Orange."  Iggy will emerge in this film old, tired, droopy, and gun-toting.  Ms. Barnfield will be nude a lot, clad in various bikinis and other revealing pool attire.  Oh yes...she'll also have a lot of deviant sex out of wedlock with the hunk pool boy.  Directed by Toby Tobias, this one will have plotting, revenge, and murder.

That's what she does...don't hate her for it. Isabelle (Barnfield) is a babe who marries rich old geezers.  She waits for them to die and inherits their money.  In the meantime, she has deviant out of wedlock sex with any hunk that comes her way.  Bill (Pop) is her current husband...he's on death's door.  The two really do love one another.  He lives with Isabelle in a villa on the Spanish coast.  He composes music, she skinny dips and has sex with the pool boy, David (Antonio Magro).  By the way, she has some nice bikinis, though they don't stay on long. Oh yes, Bill constantly carries a rifle around as rabbit hunting is another hoppy of out David!

Uh oh! The hunk Lucas (Ben Lamb) arrives.  See, Lucas' dad was married to Isabelle.  When the dad died, the old guy left his entire fortune to Isabelle.  Lucas is worthless and upset...he wants the inheritance ...Isabelle won't give him it.  Oh yes, while married to the old guy, Isabelle had a lot of sex with Lucas.  Now Lucas is bent on making Isabelle's life as unpleasant as possible until she gives him the entire inheritance.  Lucas is in way over his head.  Isabelle is smart and so is Bill.  Bill is not fazed by Lucas' sudden appearance...he just makes sure his rifles are loaded.  David?  He looks so terrific, you gals can attest.  David and Isabelle will continue their daily excursions into steamy passion.  Then bang!  Lucas' dirty tricks start...and so does murder.

With all her skinny-dipping and out of wedlock sex with the pool boy, does Isabelle have a shot at surviving until the end credits?  What are Bill's plans for Lucas?  Is Lucas' plan for wealth a sound one, or is he in over his head?  Ms. Barnfield delivers one of the steamiest performances you will ever see.  Fans of Iggy Pop will also enjoy seeing his tender relationship with the adoring babe.  For a steamy good time with murder and skinny-dipping, see "Blood Orange."


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