Friday, December 17, 2021

Midnight Vendetta, Kari Wuhrer in Many Sex Scenes

Let it not be said this blog avoids the gratuitous.  Okay, one of this blog's favorite actresses is Kari Wuhrer.  So today, all you 90s children, who lusted after the unfortunate babe in Syfy's "Sliders," here's a gift to you!  Yep, Kari Wuhrer in many sex scenes, bikini scenes, and many psycho scenes.  Oh yes...Barbara Crampton!  Did I mention her?  The big question in this film is will there be an ultimate cat-fight between Barbara Crampton and Ms. Wuhrer?  Today we look at 2001's "Midnight Vendetta" (aka "Poison"), directed by Jim Wynorski.

Ann (Wuhrer) loves her husband (Larry Poindexter) deeply.  She'll even have steamy sex with his potential clients to seal the deal, shall we say.  He's fired and replaced by the sultry Nicole (Crampton).  Nicole looks much better in an alluring and short red business suit...go figure.  Ann is upset after her hubby commits suicide, and goes full-fledged psycho.  She blows up the CEO who fired her husband, his wife, his kids, his dog, and house.  Okay, Ann got a little out of hand.  Next up on her list is Nicole, the babe who took her husband's place.  Nicole is a b***h.  She yells at her hunk husband, Scott (Jeff Trachta), a lot.  She also yells at her skank daughter, Darla (Melissa Stone) for having pre-marital sex on the washing machine.  Nicole also has a large breasted and sultry housekeeper, Karina (Peggy Trentini).

To murder Nicole...step one...get in the house.  Ann has a great plan.  While Karina is taking a gratuitous shower, Ann enters, grabs a big knife, and goes all Norman Bates.  Sadly, the naked and nubile Karina is no  more.  Step two...get hired as the new housekeeper.  Easy.  Nicole has no idea Ann is the widow of the guy she replaced.  Now Ann seduces everyone...and she's good at it.  She seems to be taking good care of the family.  Scott turns to Ann when Nicole yells at him.  Darla turns to Nicole seeking advice to be more seductive at high school.  Now Ann is ready.  She figures out so many ways to kill Nicole, but it is apparent her plan is much more ambitious than a mere one or two murders.  The beautiful will die horribly in this, and no man will be left un-seduced by the deviant and homicidal Ann.

Will we see a deviant cat-fight between Ms. Wuhrer and Ms. Crampton?  Will Ann even try to seduce Nicole?  Can we forgive America's sexiest psycho just because she seems magnanimous with the amount of deviant sex she is offering?  This is a steamy and vicious thriller.  Ann will seduce you into cheering for her...but don't be fooled, she's liable to come after you next.  See "Midnight Vendetta" and then take a long shower.    

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