Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp, Hunks and Babes Felled by Slasher maybe this film is very similar to "Bloody Murder."  So what!  Its also very similar to most of the "Friday the 13th" movies!  At least its not similar to "Bridges of Madison County."  We'll have gory killings, gratuitous pre-marital sex scenes, gratuitous shower scenes, nudity, and Tiffany Shepis will have a hand in all those plot devices.  Today we look at "Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp," directed by Rob Spera.

A bunch of teen counselors, all hunks and babes, are closing down a camp as the summer ends.  A few years ago, Tracy's (Kate Woodruff) brother was murdered with fellow counselors at this same camp...while closing it down.  I know...don't you think she could've got a different summer job...maybe as a exotic dancer, sorry.  Good news...Angela (Shepis) is a fellow counselor and she will be nude a lot, have a bunch of naked pre-marital sex, have some gratuitous shower scenes, and more sex.  The killer, with a goalie mask and machete, arrives and begins picking off the teens.  He'll use a chainsaw, a crossbow, and a machete.  Tracy has a beau, Mike (Kelly Gunning).  Mike is a hunk, very insensitive, and will emerge as a suspect.

Now the counselors are on the run.  The beautiful Sofie (Amanda Magarian) will endure so much abuse in this, and emerges as a favorite.  More suspects arise...basically any guy in this film will be a suspect.  Angela will get naked some more and even seduce Mike.  Tracy will look serious and annoy people as she keeps grieving for her dead, just get over it, babe!  The beautiful and handsome will die so horribly.  Gore and nudity will carry much of this film.

Is Angela too much of a skank to survive?  How about Sofie and Tracy?  Do either one of them have what it takes to be a final girl?  Will Tracy stop bringing up her dead brother as everyone has pretty much told her that hey couldn't care less?  Cheesecake, beefcake, gore, nudity, chainsaws and machetes...Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep couldn't make a film like this.  Do yourself a favor and see a gritty and traditional slasher flick, "Bloody Murder 2: Closing Camp."  

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