Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Slaughterhouse Killer, Meat Grinders and Meat Hooks

No humor in this one.  No alluring babe to distract us from bloody carnage.  No witty banter to lighten the scares.  2020's "The Slaughterhouse Killer," directed by Sam Curtain, is a brutal and bloody study of a man bred to kill and take apart.  The pertinent quote from out fiend, "I don't know anything else but killing."  Just what does happen in those slaughterhouses that even PETA idiots are scared away from it?

Handsome Nathan (James Mason) is released on parole.  His probation officer fixes him up with a job at a local slaughterhouse.  He'll be put under the tutelage of the enormous and menacing Box (Craig Ingham).  The two will bond.  Nathan will be Box' first ever friend.  Nathan will be teased and bullied by some creeps at the slaughterhouse.  Box, who loves killing, will collect Nathan one night and the two will pay the head creep a visit...and gut him.  The two murderers will now dispose of the body in the meat grinder.  Uh oh...well, we know Box enjoyed the murder...but so did Nathan and he wants to do it again.

The two then go on a murder spree.  The bodies are turned into ground chuck and fed to the fishes in the lake.  At first, the victims are folks who might have earned the scorn of our homicidal duo.  Then the murders get more heartbreaking and perhaps taboo.  Now our duo don't seem so lovable.  Uh oh again, Nathan gets a girlfriend (Kristen Condon).  She works in a salon as a shampooer...I guess the gentlemen's clubs weren't hiring.  Now the girl doesn't want Box hanging around Nathan.  Can you guess where this is going?  Maybe...but  haven't mentioned Mr. Henderson're gonna love this plot device.

Does Nathan's new girlfriend have an shot at surviving until the end credits?  Will Box and Nathan ultimately turn on each other?  Okay, who is this Henderson guy?  This is a sad and brutal film, perfect if you have been laughing too much of late.  For some slaughterhouse carnage and meat grinder drama, see "The Slaughterhouse Killer."

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  1. Hi Christopher, thanks for the review of the film mate, really appreciate it