Saturday, December 11, 2021

Sensation, Kari Wuhrer and Eric Roberts...Enough Said

Many who grew up in the 90s had crushes on Kari Wuhrer, the nubile babe from the Syfy show "Sliders." Today we look at a film which should be called "Gratuitous Kari Wuhrer."  We get Kari Wuhrer in gratuitous nude bath shots, gratuitous nude shower shots, gratuitous nude pre-marital sex shots, gratuitous nude painting shots, and gratuitous nude shots with Eric Roberts.  Our film is 1994's "Sensation," directed by Brian Grant.  If Kari Wuhrer nude, shiny, and vulnerable is not your thing...stop reading this now.

Diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic (aren't all babes this?), Lila (Wuhrer) shows up at her professor's office inquiring about a work study gig.  The professor, Ian (Roberts).  He's suave and sexy and hires Lila on the spot for some psychometry experiments.  Psychometry?  Funny you asked.  Ian gives Lila objects (and soon a whole lot more).  Lila feels them and has visions of what they were used for and by whom in the past.  Lila, will paint nude a lot, bathe, shower, and have steamy sex with Ian...and record her visions.  So here it is, Lila figures out the possessions Ian has given her all belonged to another nude coed (Alisa Diane) who was murdered a year ago.  Nude, Lila sees visions if Ian copulating with the poor coed and then strangling her.

Now Lila thinks she is working for a killer.  Judgment issues seem to often cloud the lives of paranoid schizophrenics...thus Lila decides to have steamy sex with least in her dreams.  Well, Ian has an air tight alibi for when the murder occurred...he was having pre-marital sex with the very sexy Professor Paula (Claire Stansfield).  Oh yes, every guy who meets Lila, when she tries to be alone at crowded bars, want to beat the living daylights out of her and rape her...go figure. As Lila jumps around nude and gets all sorts of oily paints on her nude self, the murders continue and all clues point to Ian.  Only Lila believes Ian is innocent...but then again, she is a certifiable loonie. 

Is Ian the murderer, or is that too easy?  Could the certifiably crazy Lila be the killer?  Is being nude, sweaty, and in the throes of passion a good way to communicate with the spirits from the other side?  You try that and let me know.  Gratuitous and steamy.  If you like nudity and Kari Wuhrer (...okay, and Eric Roberts), watch "Sensation."

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