Sunday, January 2, 2022

Beyond the Trek, What Big Pharma Really has Planned

This 2017 film came out before all this "COVID 19" idiocy.  Today, the government and Big Hollywood would have shelved it.  The dissenting theme would have done it in.  Dissenting to the pharmaceutical industry and their shills in congress.  They would not have allowed today's feature to have seen the light of day.  Still we have some of the most sultry space-babes, and hunkiest space-hunks ever put on the silver screen in 2017's "Beyond the Trek."  Directed by Ian Truitner, this may be the film the public health industry, the CDC, our government, and Big Pharma do not want you to see. 

A mysterious rescue mission sees a spaceship carrying two babes (Iris and Emma, Sunny Mabrey and Christian Pitre) and three hunks (Commander Linden, Chris, and Dr, Orson, played by Lance Broadway, T.J. Hoban, and Mykel Shannon Jenkins) to Titan, Saturn's biggest moon.  A couple of years ago, another ship was there filling up with a secret all communications have ceased.  Our aforementioned crew is tasked with finding survivors and retrieving the cargo.  Oh yes...our babes and hunks?  Genetically Modified humans.  Big Pharma and the government has deemed this genetic modification safe.  This new scientific hanky-panky with human DNA prevents sickness, anxiety, violence, and any other anti-social behavior in humanity.

Now all humans are genetically modified and it is all working out so great.  Well, the spaceship reaches the derelict one in orbit around Titan.  No cargo anywhere.  One survivor, Travis (Weetus Cren).  It soon appears as if Travis murdered all his crewmates.  Iris is tasked with interrogating him.  What Iris finds out is horrific...but may lay doubt to the theory that Travis is a killer.  Travis' only companionship, after the death of all his crewmates is the ship's computer, and android called LuLu (Ursula Mills).  Weird, Travis reprogrammed LuLu into a pleasure droid...or did he?  Now the genetically modified crew begins showing anxiety, sex drives, violence, and mind lapses.  As our perfect humans begin deteriorating into anti-social behavior, the exact truth about genetic modification comes out...and so does the exact nature of the missing cargo.

Still think Pfizer is here to help?  See this film.  The characters are extremely attractive and the questions posed are good ones for us to wrestle with.  Is Big Pharma's, and our government's view of health and good behavior the same as us regular folks' idea of them?  This one starts out as a neat psychological thriller, but fear will get quite brutal.  See "Beyond the Trek" for a vicious view of what may be playing out here on Earth right now.   

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