Monday, November 29, 2021

I Drink Your Blood, Rabid Satanists and Machetes

Happens every spring.  Those damned Satanists come to town to wreak havoc. Wouldn't it be nice if we just forgot about their constitutional rights and gave them what they deserve?  Hence 1970's film, a Jerry Gross production, "I Drink Your Blood," directed by David E. Durston.  Not for those with weak stomachs.  One must wonder if this film influenced or inspired George Romero's, "The Crazies."  

A satanic cult headed by Horace (Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury) arrives in town after their van breaks down.  They perform a satanic rite and rape a local girl, Sylvia (Arlene Farber).  Sylvia was brought to the rite by one of the Satanists, Andy (Tyde Kierney)...he should've brought her roller-skating instead.  Sylvia escapes and reaches her granddad's house.  Pete (Riley Mills) is Sylvia's cute little brother who will grow up to be a serial killer.  Granddad goes to where the Satanists are dwelling, an abandoned hotel, to murder them.  The creeps overpower him and fill him with LSD.  Now Pete must act...the future Ted Bundy kills a rabid dog, collects its rabid blood and visits the sultry Mildred (Elizabeth Merner-Brooks) who makes meat pies at her bakery.

Pete arranges the sale of a dozen meat pies to the Satanists. Oh yeah...Pete took the liberty to spike the pies with rabid blood.  Now all the Satanists are rabid and foaming at the mouth.  You'll like Carrie (Lynn Lowry), a mute Satanist who goes crazy with an electric knife.  Now the Satanists grab machetes and pitchforks and attack the town.  Many of the townsfolk will be bitten in battle and become rabid lunatics themselves.  The pretty Sylvia, who has recovered nicely from her rape, has rejoined Satanist Andy, and the two try to survive the horde, along with Pete.  Mildred grabs a shotgun and does the same.  The horde is unstoppable, or so it seems.  Decapitations, pitchfork gutting, and self immolation will ensue.

Will anyone in the town survive?  Should we commend Sylvia for moving past her rape at the hands of the Satanists to begin dating them again?  How about the very pretty the Satanists have special plans for her?  This is a terrific drive-in horror film with much cheese and blood.  For a good old fashioned drive-in horror flick, see "I Drink Your Blood."

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