Sunday, November 21, 2021

Killer's Delight, Serial Killer Shreds the Beautiful

Anne-Marie Martin!  One of the most beautiful horror actresses of all time.  Wearing only a towel she is slashed and eaten by a slimy creature in "The Boogens."  Then in "Prom Night," she donned an incredibly sexy red sequins prom gown only to be slashed by an axe-wielding maniac.  In today's film, 1978's "Killer's Delight" (aka "The Sport Killer"), she is abducted, stripped, tortured, raped, broken, and dumped in a ditch.  Directed by Jeremy Hoenack, our film today was inspired by Ted Bundy and his maniacal murder spree.  Don't feel too sorry for Ms. Martin...she'll later marry Michael Crichton, famous author (Jurassic Park).

When Ms. Martin is murdered at the start of this film, there have already been about a dozen beautiful women murdered similarly. Detective Vince (James Luisi) is on the case.  He won't get right to it. Initially he is having sex out of wedlock with the sultry psychologist, Dr. Carol Thompson (Susan Sullivan). Meanwhile, Danny (John Karlen) is on the prowl. In disguise he seeks bathing beauties at a public pool.  He has fine taste and will abduct so many of them, torture them, rape them, and break their bones before dumping them.  The bodies pile up...all nude.  Some good police work by Vince helps him identify Danny as the the real work begins.

Even under police scrutiny, Danny still shreds bathing beauties.  Then Vince has an idea...a bad one.  Remember Dr. Carol?  The psychologist?  Do you think Vince will use her to develop a psychological profile of Danny? No!  Of course not!  Send her undercover as a lounge singer in slinky costumes so she can croon seduction at Danny.  Now Danny has Carol in his crosshairs...but to the psycho Danny...there's something special about this lounge singer.  Now Carol will be in more danger than she realizes with an incompetent police force protecting her.

Is out of wedlock sex with the detective assigned to the case they are both working on a good idea?  Will Dr. Carol have sex with the serial killer if it was a matter of national security?  Will Vince be able to protect his paramour from being raped, broken, and dumped?  This is a brutal one and the ending will be ten times more brutal than the preceding 75 minutes.  For some great cheese through the shredder, see "Killer's Delight."