Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Las Vegas Serial Killer, Beauties Decimated in Vegas

No frills.  Just Vegas lovelies dying horribly.  Most of the lovelies are swimsuit beauties...either models or pool party goers.  The murders are bold and reveal the materialism of the Las Vegas culture.  In fact, without exception, if you see a beautiful woman in this film...don't get too attached...she will die horribly.  Misogynistic?  Perhaps...but maybe a mere accurate depiction of the over sexualized culture that is Las Vegas...or America.  Be warned...I wasn't kidding about no frills...just cheese put through the slicer.  Today we look at 1986's "Las Vegas Serial Killer," directed by Ray Dennis Steckler.

Nevada pulls a Michael Dukakis and releases a serial killer (who has already murdered seven beautiful women) from prison after only six years.  However wooden this film is, or how basic the storytelling might be, the plot gets interesting right away.  The killer, Klick (Pierre Agostino) heads back to Vegas to kill some more.  Also headed to Vegas are two lowlifes, Clarence (Ron Jason) and Jack (Chris Cave).  Klick goes to a lot of nudie shows and is sent into a sexual tizzy by the performance of Miss World Burlesque, Toni Alessandrini (herself).  He also is driven to sexual fury by the wonderful Vegas dancer Kat Carson (Kathryn Downey).  Time to kill.

Kill he does.  One pretty and nubile babe is standing a few feet away from her friends at a pool party.  The bikini clad vixen is then jumped and strangled to death with her own bikini top as her friends are too into themselves to look in her direction.  Klick will also invade a swimsuit shoot at a mansion and strangle the models just as they go inside to change,  He has a word for his victims, "Garbage!"  Oh yeah, the two sleaze balls, Jack and Clarence, ogle every beauty that walks by and snatch their purses.  Klick gets bold as he steals a camera and pretends to be a fashion photographer.  Now all the model-wannabes in Vegas call him up for photoshoots and die horribly.  The kill count will be enormous and some of the swimwear is quite impressive.  The ending?  Well, Klick has his eyes on Miss World and Kat as ultimate conquests...but irony will have a say in this film...you'll see.

Vicious and heartbreaking.  The young beauties who will die so horribly are merely trying to earn a buck in a male dominated world.  Klick is lifeless and has the eyes of a great white shark.  Will either Kat or Miss World Burlesque survive the carnage that is moving towards them?  Will those alluring and shiny swimsuits of the 80s make a comeback?  Will Klick's path cross with that of Jack and Clarence's? This is a cold film that will treat beautiful women as toys to be pulled apart and stepped on.  Still, a lot of cheese and violence...gotta love that.  See "Las Vegas Serial Killer" and feel free not to mention you saw it in polite company.     

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  1. Sounds better than Leaving Los Vegas about a guy who drinks booze.