Thursday, November 25, 2021

Sympathy, Three Psychos in a Motel Room

What do you get when you add a beautiful teenage girl to two felons?  Right...three psychos.  Not a good combination, anyway...just picture two of the guys are hardened goons and the gal is a manipulative skank.  Hence much bloodshed and bad behavior.  Today we look at 2007's "Sympathy," directed by Andrew Moorman.

As it begins, Trip (Steven Pritchard) has just robbed a bank.  On the run he grabs the beautiful Sara (Marina Shtelen) at gunpoint.  Now Sara is a hostage.  Trip brings her into a seedy motel room and handcuffs her to the headboard of the bed.  You've met gals like Sara...very appealing until they open their mouths.  When Trip accidentally shoots her in the shoulder...we sort of understand.  Bad news for Trip... Dennis (Aaron Boucher) arrives.  He bursts in the hotel room, also on the run.  Dennis has just escaped from the state pen where he is serving a murder sentence.  The escapee gets the drop on Trip and now Trip is also a hostage.

Dennis shows some of that murderer personality and seems to be quite psycho.  Sara begins trying to manipulate both her captors by demeaning them and then trying to seduce them.  Now all three antagonists develop a hatred toward one another and the conversation between them isn't very edifying.  Wait!  What's going on here?  Just who is the psycho?  You won't believe what Sara, even handcuffed, does to her tormentors.  Ick.  Now the two males, fighting over their hostage, try to decide what to do and what to do with Sara.  Some of you might ask what plans Sara has for her two so-called captors. Oh yes...this will get really'll see. 

Just who is Sara and how depraved is she?  Do either Dennis or Trip intend to have their way with the almost nubile Sara, and/or kill her?  Is Trip really a bank robber?  This is a gory and wild one and you never really know who the king (or queen) psycho really is.  Mr. Boucher and Mr. Pritchard are fantastic as the heavies, and Ms. Shtelen is beautiful and will capture your stares...even though you'll want to murder her, too.  See "Sympathy" and meet three losers who you will have no sympathy for.

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  1. Three losers, could be interesting watch them lose themselves 😆