Friday, November 19, 2021

Don't Hang Up, Vicious Pranks

It is always fun until someone gets hurt.  Then, it is no longer fun.  In becomes bloody and deadly. Just harmless fun?  Maybe for some.  For others, unimaginable carnage.  Today we look at 2016's "Don't Hang Up," directed by Damien Mace and Alexis Wajsbrot.  I always say...don't antagonize an unstable populace.  No one listens to me.  What will occur over the next several years will demonstrate that... perhaps this film is a metaphor of the carnage to come.

Sam (Gregg Sulkin), Brady (Garrett Clayton), and Roy (Edward Killingback) have a YouTube channel dedicated to their pranks.  Using the telephone, the high school trio call people and elaborately prank them.  Bad taste abounds.  Several of their pranks inform parents their children have died.  Funny...right? As our film begins they call the lovely Mrs. Kolbein (Sienna Guillory)...and what they do to her is unconscionable.  The pranksters aren't above teen drama as Sam is sad his sultry girlfriend, Peyton (Bella Dayne) is avoiding him.  The fun stops.  A mysterious caller telephones Sam and Garrett.  Where's Roy?  Roy swims with the fishes.  The caller antagonizes the now duo.  He knows where they live and has abducted Brady's parents. 

Now the fiend threatens to murder Brady's parents unless the duo do exactly what he says.  He proves he has total control of their current environment.  Sam and Garrett desperately try to figure out who this guy is and how to save Brady's parents.  Peyton?  The babe?  Yep...the mystery guy abducts her, too.  Now it will get bloody and the fiend turns Brady and Sam against one another.  Peyton is put in peril.  Not so funny when the tables are turned on a prankster.  Uh oh...the weird voice on the phone is not a prankster...he's a sadistic killer.

Are Sam and Brady really innocent victims here?  Will you be pulling for our great looking teens to survive or for them to get what they deserve?  Will the creep shred the lovely, but non-prankster, Peyton, too?  A nice revenge film and perhaps a charge for all of us to be a bit less antagonistic toward our fellow traveler.  It'll be vicious and bloody, but you will enjoy "Don't Hang Up."  

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  1. OH, revenge, reminds me, need to throw some meat on my neighbors roof...