Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Night of the Beast, Devil Eats Lingerie Babes

1990s straight-to-VHS horror can be pure poetry. These features may have shown up on late night Cinemax, but had many endearing qualities. Today we will look at 1993's "Night of the Beast" (aka "Lukas' Child"), which boasts of nubile aspiring actresses abducted in their naughty undies, often in states of nudity, and fed to a demon child by Satanists. Sure, a direct metaphor for the Hollywood entertainment industry, but also gratuitous fun. Directed by Eric Louzil, this feature is heavy on the cheese.

Lukas (Robert May) is an old guy who runs a movie studio...and a satanic priest. His company is casting beautiful actresses for a horror movie...or, that's his story. After the babes come in for an interview, he sends his son, Jason (Mark Richardson) to abduct them. Jason always shows up either when the ladies are showering, or clad in intimate lingerie. The ladies are then caged at the studio. After an elongated ritual, one girl is selected. She is thrown into a cage with 'the child.' The child is a monster with horns and wings and he eats the babes as they scream and beg for mercy. So sad. Even sadder, the cop on the case is the incompetent Detective Steve (Gene LeBrock). Steve is trying to have pre-marital sex with his hot partner, Detective Susan (Shanna McCullough). She refuses.

Detective Steve has needs and begins having pre-marital sex with babe witnesses, who are friends of the abducted girls. Joycelyn (Jacqueline Gorman) will have pre-marital sex with Steve a lot, and also show us a whole line of intimates. She'll of course be abducted by Jason, as Detective Steve is slow on developing clues. Now Joycelyn is on the menu as other nubile, scantily clad actresses are fed to the satanic offspring. Detective Susan is smart and has what it takes to solve the case...but she'll go on vacation...bummer. Finally, through no fault of his investigative prowess, Steve is led to the warehouse where the girls are caged.

Will Detective Steve be in time to save the lingerie-clad Joycelyn?  Will he free the other babes even if they won't have pre-marital sex with him? Will the police department ever send Detective Steve for sexual harassment counseling? This is a gratuitous film in which at least a dozen of the actresses will scream a lot, and be chased and eaten by a monster. Their intimates will highlight these scenes. For a great movie viewing experience with gratuitous lingerie, shower, and pre-marital sex scenes, see "Night of the Beast."

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  1. This could be a set for an Epstein movie, who killed him?