Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death, Insanity and Depravity

Wild! Vicious! Depraved! Weird! The elitists at IMDB give our feature today a 2.8/10 rating. Alas, the world has never appreciated a mad scientist, except for this Fauci stooge.  Dr. Jekyll may be one of the most famous ones...but imagine if his insanity and viciousness is ramped up ten times.  Today we look at 1979's "Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death," directed by James Wood.

The great grandson of Dr. Jekyll is at it in his San Francisco mansion.  He's experimenting on kidnapped human subjects with a rage drug.  It works.  He has lobotomized his nubile sister Hilda (Nadine Kalmes). Now he gropes and shoves his tongue into her mouth and she doesn't complain...much. He also has chained up the lovely Julia (Dawn Carter Kelly). He keeps her heavily sedated so he can grope and kiss her.  Jekyll pits the kidnap victims against each other in fights to the death.  We are treated to some vicious cat-fights, and you'll enjoy the Kung Fu vixen  (Tes Luz). He also kidnaps Julia's dad, Prof. Atkinson (John F. Kearney).  He is disgusted at Jekyll's experiments and use of human subjects.

Jekyll will sadistically beat Hilda and his other servants.  As Jekyll has his 16th bloke kidnapped, he seems to enjoy pitting males and females against each other in these fights to the death. The mad scientist continues to sexually molest Julia, who laughs at his marriage proposal.  This makes Hilda jealous and now Julia must fear both Jekyll and Hilda.  The increasing lunacy and sadism of Jekyll foretells a bloody and deranged ending.

Is the Jekyll character in this film a foretelling of the emergence of Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx?  Is a cat-fight brewing between Hilda and Julia?  How about this Kung Fu babe...will she be able to escape her bondage and spar with Jekyll?  Yep, vicious and depraved...but with so much energy and sadism, "Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death" is one for true horror fans.

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  1. Now this is my kind of movie... the doctor in the last photo is saying....