Friday, October 23, 2020

Who's Watching Oliver, Serial Killer with Mommy Issues

Nothing like bringing a sultry whore home, raping her, and then chopping her up into little pieces...if you're a serial killer, that is. Norman Bates in "Psycho" introduced us to a serial killer with mommy issues, but in today's high tech age, it may be easier for the psycho perverts to bring mommy along for the kills. Hence 2017's "Who's Watching Oliver," directed by Richie Moore. 

The killer may do the raping and carving up, but mommy is there yelling at the beautiful Asian whore in order to make her murder a most humiliating affair. In this twisted tale, Oliver (Russell Geoffrey Banks) has been sent to Bangkok by his mommy (Margaret Roche). Why? To kill filthy hussies...those damn whores! The big guy, who appears mentally challenged, prowls the nightclubs in Bangkok and finds prostitutes to bring home. Once back at his apartment, he gets his mom on the computer (Skype probably) and allows her to watch. This creeps out the women of the night, but when Oliver rapes them, beats them, and guts them while his mom yells, "Die whore...die!" well, that will creep them out more. His mom instructs him on how to rape...from the front or back, all the while yelling at the lady and calling her all sorts of nasty adjectives like "c**t."   

Mommy sends Oliver out to find girls and then enjoys the show when Oliver brings them home. The killings will be quite bloody. Then...yep...Oliver meets a sweet gal, Sophia (Sara Malakul Lane). She is so sweet and the two meet at an amusement park everyday and fall in love. Now Oliver is scared to tell his mom about Sophia as Mama will want him to gut Sophia. Uh oh again...indications are Sophia isn't the most mentally stable lass in Asia. She has issues...and is the product of a weird cult. Now Sophia goes on the offensive and stalks her new boyfriend. A potentially blood-soaked meeting may be brewing between Oliver, mommy, and Sophia. 

How will mommy react when she meets Sara, and will Oliver follow his mommy's instructions at that point? Is Oliver the one in danger, as women from cult's often have issues that can manifest in bloody carnage? Trust me on that one. This is a bloody and misogynistic gore-fest. For a perverted and hyped up version of the Norman Bates story...see "Who's Watching Oliver."


  1. Wow, I've turned up my contrast top full, also got my goggles on infared, heat sensors, so see what is under their bikinis, great review, must watch this movie.

  2. It’s almost as if Norman were brought up by the Sawyer family! Great review Chris

  3. Christopher, Oliver's Mother has Norma Bates issues & Oliver more then a few mommy issues! Real fun film!