Sunday, October 25, 2020

Slumber Party Massacre II, Big Drills and Bikini Babes

A sequel to an iconic slasher film is a sure bet. Of course, ingredients like gore, bikini babes, and pre-marital sex ensure these sequels will have an audience. In the original "Slumber Party Massacre," babes in much peril, clad in lingerie, fell to a psycho killer...all except for two, that is. In the 1987 sequel, "Slumber Party Massacre II," the two surviving sisters are back...and so is the maniac who supposedly died in the first one. Bikinis are also are gratuitous pillow fights, pre-marital sex, and skewered boyfriends. Let us take a look at 1987's "Slumber Party Massacre II," directed by Deborah Brock.

Valerie (Cindy Eilbacher) and her little sister Courtney (Crystal Bernard) survived the massacre five years ago. Valerie is now a drooling lunatic in an insane asylum, and Courtney is a high school babe and part of an all-girl Rock 'n Roll band. Courtney is also going mad. She has a lot of nightmares which begin with her having steamy sex with her boyfriend, Matt (Patrick Lane), and end with her being beset by the driller killer (Atanis Ilitch). Oh yes, our resurrected killer is now a rockabilly rocker with a guitar that doubles as a big drill. Lead singer, Sheila (Juliette Cummins) invites her band mates to her dad's week-end condo. They all go...mistake. Crystal's dreams are now also daytime hallucinations of severed body parts and a lurking guitar wielding killer.

The babe band parties hard with music, booze, and striptease-pillow fights. The boys arrive. More horrific dreams and hallucinations carry over into the next day's bikini pool party. Now Matt arrives and he is sweet...the two will now get to have real pre-marital sex. Uh oh...the dream menace takes form and his big guitar-drill will disembowel drummer Sally (Heidi Kozak Haddad). Now the gals and their boyfriends are on the run from this singing rockabilly psycho. Most won't fare well, and the beautiful will die horribly. Courtney's bestie, Amy (Kimberly McArthur) will be hunted and beset in a heartbreaking and deliberate sad. The musical maniac obviously wants Courtney and not just for disemboweling. 

Do any of these bikini band babes have a shot at survival? Or their boyfriends? Is this slasher film a metaphor for the dangers Rock n' Roll pose for our vulnerable teenagers? Is watching scantily clad, or bikini clad young women taken apart by a psycho a weird morale boost to film audiences who have tired of main stream Hollywood's garbage? Say what you want about "Slumber Party Massacre II," but the great looking cast and extensive gore and pre-marital sex make this a must see, even though you won't tell anyone you saw and liked it. 

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  1. What a wonderful review of a cool movie, maybe the groupies want to be rammed with a drill, a metaphor for the rocker's appendage. It does get warped, I know but you handled this one with usual aplomb.