Monday, October 5, 2020

Supercroc, Army Babe vs. Monster Croc

Leave it to The Asylum to give us fun monster movies. There has never been a bad film about crocodiles, and 2007's "Supercroc" (directed by Scott Harper) is no exception. Sure, the haters of made for Syfy TV movies will find some reason to poo-poo this effort, still, giant reptile things attacking Los Angeles is pure poetry. I admit, this plotline isn't as grandeur as a stewardess tackling a monster croc ("Crocodile 2: Death Swamp"), still, the army babe that will wage war against the monster is rather attractive...more attractive than General Colin Powell, and more competent.
An army unit is in the California wilderness searching for something big. Something big finds them first and eats most of the army unit. Private Perez (Cynthia Rose Hall) is sad because everyone in her unit has become a snack for a 100 foot crocodile, including her husband-to-be. The behemoth will chase her, but she climbs a tree. The army sends another unit to rescue the eaten one. That unit will be eaten...except for Captain Lynch (Matt Blashaw). Lynch will find Perez and together the duo will try to make it out of the crocodile's path. Even though Perez cries a lot, she has caught a break. Captain Lynch is more of a man than her dead fiancé was...and probably has more earning power.
As our good looking army duo flees the monster, Army command and control try to kill the thing. Bombs and gas don't work and an evil scientist, Leah (Kim Little), wants to collect the croc eggs, breed them, and set them loose on the enemy. This is a far better plan than anything Colin Powell ever came up with. Now the croc-monster is headed to L.A. and Lynch and Perez are too. Perez wants revenge for the eating of her dweeb fiancé...and Lynch...well...wants a shower and a drink. As L.A. panics and is eaten, Perez has a plan, and Lynch may have one too...though he must be careful of the military's fraternization rules.
Will Private Perez shed her baggy camouflages and don a skin tight camouflaged cat-suit? Hey, why not?! Will Lynch properly assess just how fond Perez was of her recently eaten fiancé? Will the babe scientist, Leah, find a six-figure job with a big defense contractor? Flawed, yes...but a lot less flawed than any of those stupid superhero films of the past 15 years. For some Syfy type fun, enjoy "Supercroc." 

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