Sunday, October 11, 2020

Intrusion: Disconnected, When Victims Turn Psycho

The beautiful Dr. Laura Braden (Tiffany Shepis) has a big problem. If she's right...she could be in mortal danger. Also, if she's wrong, she could be in mortal danger. What unfolds before our eyes in 2020's "Intrusion: Disconnected" (directed by Kyle Cates) is American Giallo...and you know what that means...the beautiful will die so horribly. The body count will approach 10,000 (slight embellishment) and all the murders will dump gallons of blood on us. Still, we pull for the beautiful even if that means enabling a psycho.

Dr. Laura's is Holly's shrink. Holly (Katie Stewart) needs one...but why? We believe, probably because Holly is a babe, that she is recovering and has PTSD issues relating to the murder of all her friends by a psycho. Dr. Laura may know more...and as the movie progresses, we may believe we know more, as well. If you saw the first "Intrusion" film, a stupid telephone prank connects the beautiful Holly to a psychopath. Ray (Lee Haycraft) finds Holly and sets on a twisted path of vengeance that has him slicing up all Holly's friends. As this film begins, Ray apparently rises from the dead and sets out to continue his terror campaign on the nubile lass. 

Holly isn't well. She talks to her dead boyfriend's ghost and shuns Dr. Laura's advice and meds. She's a wreck and can't get the image of Ray and his carnage out of her head. Ray moves in and begins slicing up more of holly's friends. The murders are brutal, bloody, and in some cases taboo. Still, the makers of this film ramp up the horror and go with shock over playful fun. Uh there more going on that meets the eye? Is Holly all there mentally...or is she now a psycho. Guilt, PTSD, and fear propel Holly in the second half of "Intrusion: Disconnected," and we wonder if Holly's family or friends should fear Ray...or Holly. What unfolds in the last 40 minutes will be shocking, gory, and quite twisted. Just like Giallo films from Italy, our nubile and helpless damsel is revealed to be much more than a wallflower.

Will the beautiful Tiffany Shepis survive her latest patient? Will Katie prove to be a heroic 'final girl' or the subject of the next psycho-killer film? Katie Stewart is amazing and the transitions she will have to perform in this film are miraculous. We can see her as a damsel...or something more evil, and this helps out with the mystery that unfolds before us. For a shocking, heartbreaking, and gory slasher film, see "Intrusion: Disconnected." If you are a fan of 1970s Giallo (Italian horror), this is a must see.

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