Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hell Hunters, Hitler Spiders and Sultry Nazi Hunters

The sultry Maud Adams! Maud Adams in Rio...frolicking and hunting Nazis! What could be better. So sad, however, as the beautiful die so horribly in some of these movies. If Nazi atrocities don't get your blood boiling...well, it'll boil when they slit Maud Adams' sad. Never fear...we'll have plenty of more nude and skinny dipping Nazi Hunters...and for you gals, some sweaty and swarthy hunk Brazilian Nazi hunters. Hence we have 1987's "Hell Hunters" (aka "Rage to Kill") directed by Ernst Ritter von Theummer.

Fleeing Germany after the war, Nazi Martin (Stewart Granger) builds a medical compound in the jungle in Paraguay. He has perfected a serum from a weird spider. This serum will turn whole cities into Nazis if introduced in their water supplies...just go with it. Amanda (Adams) is a Nazi hunter and is onto Martin. Uh oh...Martin is a step ahead and has Amanda's throat cut. Amanda's cohorts are Tonio (Romulo Arantes)...he's a hunk, sweats a lot, and yells at people. Coupled with Tonio is the well built and tanned Nelia (Nelia J. Cozza). She likes firing machine guns, throwing grenades and has a deep fixation on the male sex organ...really. She'll be accosted and stripped a lot by Nazis, but she may actually like that.

Amanda's daughter, Ally (Candice Daly) comes to Rio for her mom's funeral. She's a blonde babe and will unwittingly get involved with the surviving Nazi hunters. Now Tonio reluctantly partners with her. After some initial bickering, the two will skinny dip and have passionate pre-marital sex. Nelia on the other hand will be pawed and stripped by attacking Nazis. Now Nelia, Tonio, and Ally recruit a husky American named Kong (Russ McCubbin). He'll also have sex with'll see. The four make their way up river for an assault on Martin's compound. This won't be easy...Martin's Nazis are waiting fore them and several want to rape Nelia.

As Ally and Tonio get close, in a carnal sense, will Nelia engage her in a catfight? If the spider serum is dumped into Los Angeles' water supply, will anyone notice? What will happen to the Bloods and Crips if they turn Nazi? This is an ambitious one with a lot of explosions, nudity, pre-marital sex, and skinny dipping. For some South American Nazi intrigue, see "Hell Hunters."  


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  2. OMG, was the scriptwriter on shrooms? I have to see this!!!