Thursday, October 29, 2020

Arachnid, Icky Bitty Spider Tale

They don't get ickier than this one! Slimy insects that burrow into people and explode out. Big mutant spiders sucking blood out of other people. Giant centipede things that are actually snake/spider hybrid mutants. Beautiful damsels in much distress who sweat a lot. For spider horror films, they don't get more icky than 2001's "Arachnid," directed by Jack Sholder.

A fighter plane chases a UFO and both crash on a spider infested island. The alien and the pilot survive...but not for long. A huge spider does both of them in. An expedition is put together by Dr. Leon (Jose Sancho) and his hot assistant, Susana (Neus Asensi). She sweats a lot and wears tight halter tops. Also recruited is a grouchy but beautiful pilot, Loren (Alex Reid). Loren sweats a lot and is always losing her shirt. Lev (Chris Potter) is hired for security. The former marine has nice pecs and is always around when Loren loses her shirt. Susana sees this dynamic and plots an ultimate cat-fight with Loren. Something is biting natives on the island and Dr. Leon wants to know what. Bad news...its giant mutant spiders and by the time they get to the island...everyone is sucked dried.

The expedition is under attack as soon as they crash land on the island. Lev's security people, natives, and some of the expedition are caught in the webs and sucked dry to feed spider eggs. Tick like things invade, burrow into flesh and do their exploding out thing...very icky. Loren loses her shirt a few times as she becomes sweet on Lev and Susana also sweats nicely as she bounces through the jungle. Now the big spider decides the expedition crew would be perfect for its offspring to feed off  before hatching. This will result in unimaginable and horrific deaths for some great looking folks. Alas, Loren has personal reasons to be on this island, and her war with the giant mutant arachnid takes on a vengeful tone.

Will the sweaty Susana and the sweaty, shirtless Loren engage in that cat-fight before one of them becomes breakfast for spider babies? Will Lev find romance with the grouchy and shirtless Loren before the monster arachnids do? Just what is the secret of this island and its huge spider problem? This is one that will have the squeamish covering their eyes. For some nice spider horror, see "Arachnid."  

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  1. Spiders are attracted to sweet, it means dinner for their off spring.