Thursday, October 1, 2020

High Moon, Werewolf Biker Gang

A werewolf biker gang versus a gunfighter? Wait, it gets better. A sultry brunette who just happens to have a lot of guns and silver bullets...interested? Wait, there's more. A hunk gunfighter, a hunk sheriff, a hunk mayor, and the irrelevant babe who loves them...poetry. Muscle cars, crossbows, gunfights, and an irrelevant babe who apologizes a lot. Okay, enough of the irrelevant babe...though she is pretty hot. Now...I know what you are thinking...will the irrelevant babe who keeps apologizing get in a cat-fight with the babe who has guns and silver bullets? See...I know you. Let us take a look at 2019's "High Moon" (aka "Howlers") directed by Josh Ridgway.
In 1863, Colt (Chad Michael Collins), a hunk gunfighter, egged on by a ninja spirit, tangles with a werewolf outlaw gang headed by Price (Tom Zembrod). They all die! Present day, don't ask why, they all bust out of their coffins...alive again. Colt is taken in by a sultry widow, Lucy (Chelsea Edmundson). She just happens to have muscle cars and guns with silver bullets...why. you ask...don't ask. The werewolf gang meets up with a biker gang...they disembowel the bikers and steal their bikes. With corpses piling up, Sheriff Hardy (Matthew Tompkins) is on the case. He's sad because his sultry wife, Karen (April Hartman) is screwing the mayor (Sean Patrick Flanery). She is sorry and apologizes...Hardy remains pissed. Karen shouldn't apologize...the mayor is more of a man than Hardy is.
Okay, the biker gang goes through Hardy's town like crap through a goose. Hardy remains sad, as Karen keeps apologizing, and now Lucy is teaching Colt to drive muscle cars. The werewolf bikers decimate the sheriff's department and now set their sights on Colt. Colt, with his new guns, sets his sights on the werewolves. A showdown is brewing at the mayor's estate...a showdown featuring the werewolves versus Colt, the armed babe Lucy, Karen who will keep apologizing, and the feuding Hardy and mayor...oh yes...two strippers from the Pussy Palace...did I mention them? No...well, you'll see what happens to them. With everyone mad, falling in love, or apologizing, the werewolves converge and the ending will be quite surprising and...well, interesting.
Will someone just accept Karen's apology and have either marital or extra-marital sex with her? Will Lucy our gun babe teach Colt anything else other than how to drive muscle cars? Will Colt be able to protect his new love from the werewolf horde? This is a satisfying one and Lucy's character is a good one...the stuff good graphic novels are made up of. For some great cheesecake, beefcake, cheesy werewolf effects, and a few too many apologies, see "High Moon." 

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