Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Vlog Worthy, Influencer-Snuff

Sure...one might have 100,000 hits on their latest Vlog. Yep, maybe a million subscribers. Oh, sure...make-up companies or jewelry companies might make you an official spokesperson. Still...who cares? In your own mind you believe you really have the ability to influence. What you really have is a pretty face and the ability to be tortured and humiliated. Hence 2017's "Vlog Worthy," directed by Benjamin Shea.
As our film begins, an underwear clad babe (Veronica Reed) is bound and being tortured and murdered with razor-blades. This murder is being filmed and uploaded by a masked psycho, Melissa (Katalin Otter). Meanwhile, an aspiring actress, Des (Kassandra Escandell) is getting no leads. She is trying to prop up her Vlog which sells her homemade jewelry. By chance, she meets Melissa who purports to be a digital marketing consultant. Melissa tells Des that she can help her increase her Vlog traffic, sales, and exposure. Des bites...bad move. Immediately Melissa puts eroticism into the Vlog. Des hesitantly agrees to bikini, undergarment, and other alluring content. The traffic increases and Melissa takes charge.
With a stun gun and other torture techniques, Des is subject to carnage. Melissa forces Des to do her own piercings and break up with her boyfriend. Now Melissa turns the Vlog into torture porn and invites her buddy Josh (Amery Thao) to do the technical side of it. As you might guess, Des' Vlog sees a dramatic increase in hits and subscribers. With Melissa, seemingly, in total control, the Vlog will get bloodier and more humiliating. Uh oh...we find out who Melissa really is and this won't bode well for Des' future.
Does Des have a chance of escape? Does Melissa plan any porn before finishing off her most recent prey? Will the increased online traffic yield increased sales to Des' overpriced monstrosities...I mean jewelry? This mini-torture porn film will get quite bloody and might serve as a great warning to all of you wannabe influencers. For some fresh perspective on Vlogs and influencing, see "Vlog Worthy" (aka "Vlogworthy"). 

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  1. Porn and vlogging, equals Porn Hub, another great review!!!