Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Criminal Audition, Screen Test for Murder

Criminal justice systems throughout western civilization are increasingly corrupted. Billionaires and malcontents have figured out how to exploit them for their own selfish pursuits. In the name of civil rights, justice, and equality, the regular folks have been pushed aside and ordered not to question the inequality or abuse. These corrupted systems have attracted nefarious players who are adept at manipulating justice and the administration of it. Nefarious players beware! Fairness and justice may, themselves, wield a bloody hammer when attacked and perverted. Today we look at 2019's "Criminal Audition," directed by Samuel Gridley.

Ryan (Luke Kaile) and William (Rich Keeble) operate a firm which...well, stages crime scenes and manipulates the ensuing judicial proceedings. Rich people hire them to provide the criminal, who will be handsomely compensated for time in the slammer. Juries are tampered with so a first degree murder charge will be whittled away to a more manageable manslaughter, etc. As our film begins, three applicants have arrived at an abandoned theater for an audition. The three hopefuls want to be criminals and are willing to spend time in prison for an eventual big payday. Uh oh...someone else arrives at these auditions. A fantastically rich client, Ms. M (Noeleen Comiskey) and her assistant, Morris (Cameron Harris). These two are complete psychos...and will change the rules of the 'audition.'

As Ryan and William attempt to conduct their audition, M and Morris' interference introduce gore and carnage to the process. Now the three hopefuls realize they are auditioning for much more than a job. L (Rebecca Calienda) introduces a curve ball to the whole process. This lovely candidate, with a twisted backstory, catches the attraction of Ryan (who also has a twisted backstory). Torture, bloodshed and twists abound as M and Morris take over the 'casting call.' Betrayal is also added to the plot as we realize more than just the three criminal-hopefuls are in mortal danger.

Just who are these two mysterious clients, M and Morris...and what exactly do they expect their chosen criminal to undertake? Is there any way possible for Ryan's increasing crush on L to end sweetly? Twists abound and justice will be bloody. Agatha Christie would be proud as this horror thriller unfolds like one of her stage dramas...except, there is more blood in this one. For a horrific good time, and a wonderful metaphor for the dangers of a perverted justice system...see "Criminal Audition" (written by Samuel Gridley and Luke Kaile). 

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  1. Gets you thinking is covid a cover for more control of the masses? Wait till the asteroid blasts us back to amoeba age!!