Wednesday, October 28, 2020

White Eagle, No One Leaves

You never leave the family! A threat/advice Don Corleone probably gave a thousand times. Yep...and a babe secret agent never just left the Doll Squad. A sultry Japanese superheroine doesn't 'just' leave The Danger Dolls. Nope! In a new short film (12 minutes) by my buddy Juan Diaz (aka Z Budget Director), he picks up on this theme. 2020's "White Eagle" tells the age old tale of a secret agent/assassin finding a new moral compass and attempting to 'leave an organization.'  

He's done. Yep, killing and blowing things up. Over the years, the line has blurred. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad? White Eagle (Juan Diaz) has a family. He wants to give his child a respectable name. No more killing. Alas, the White Queen (Jen Diaz) demands loyalty. No one leaves the one! Just like Easy Eddie...he wanted to give his son Butch a good name...he went honest. Unfortunately, Easy Eddie was cut in half by a spray of machine gun fire from Al Capone's henchmen. Is that in store for White Eagle?

If the Queen has it her way...yes. She dispatches White Eagle's best friends and fellow assassins. They're mission, terminate the suddenly noble ex-assassin. White Eagle's home is invaded by the most dangerous henchmen since ...well...since The Doll Squad...though these brutes aren't as sultry. These masked fiends led by White Tiger (Leonel Hyatt) will have the firepower and numbers. White Eagle has the desire for good...and a love for his family. Will that be enough to stave off certain death? White Centipede (Dale Thiel), White Scorpion (Nash Walter), and White Lion (Colin Marx) join White Tiger in this overpowering invasion of the abode of a bad man turned good.

Will White Eagle's attempt at retribution be rubbed out before it ever begins? Are the sins of White Eagle's past too numerous for him to ever live a noble life? Will Juan Diaz ever remake "The Doll Squad"? The themes are age old and pertinent to all of us who haven't led lives pure as the white driven snow. Juan Diaz captures the early 1970s grindhouse experience masterfully in "White Eagle." For some neat grindhouse/drive-in type action, see "White Eagle" on YouTube.

To view "White Eagle" on YouTube, click on this link White Eagle on YouTube

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