Saturday, July 30, 2016

Flight 7500, A Haunted Airplane?

Movies where really hot stewardesses fight evil have done well on this blog.  In Quarantine 2 the sultry Mercedes Mason battles a zombie virus on her flight. In Crocodile 2 Heidi Lenhart plays a beautiful stewardess battling a giant reptile and an evil rock band.  In Loaded Guns  the ravishing Ursula Andress battles an Italian crime syndicate in various states of undress. So today, clad in alluring red stewardess outfits, Leslie Bibb and Jamie Chung battle supernatural ghostly forces in 2014's "Flight 7500."
Laura (Bibb) and Suzy (Chung) are two hot stewardesses on Vista Pacific 7500. Both these women have issues with their men...this isn't insignificant.  They welcome aboard some great looking passengers, all with serious life issues causing much angst.  Oh yes, also welcomed aboard is a weird man (Rick Kelly), carrying a mysterious wooden box.  In a very disturbing scene, our weirdo dies....and weirdness permeates our flight to Tokyo.  Unexpected turbulence and a mysterious bout of decompression almost doom the flight.  Laura and Suzy evacuate First Class, leaving our corpse all alone.
Uh oh!  Our corpse is missing, and his ghost is making some appearances. As the passengers begin getting scared, Suzy, Laura, and four passengers decide to figure out who exactly the deceased was...the immediate answers they find are startling.  As mysterious doom befalls a couple of misbehaving passengers, our heroic stewardesses make some more horrific discoveries.  In unlocking a macabre mystery, Laura, Suzy, and everyone else on Flight 7500 must confront their own choices and selves....the results here will be mixed.  Will Flight 7500 make it to Tokyo?  Who exactly was the deceased? Can our sultry stewardesses defeat paranormal forces?
This film is heavy on the psychological horror, and is sort of an Asian horror flick. Directed by Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge), and featuring a great looking cast, including Ryan Kwanten, Amy Smart, Scout Taylor-Compton, and Nicky addition to our Ms. Chung and Ms. Bibb, this is a perfect film to download for your next international airline flight. Flawed perhaps, but a creepy ghost story, nonetheless.


  1. Semi-Japanese ghostly horror with beautiful stewardi, what's not to dig about this one. I'll take a window seat, please.

  2. The wow factor is high, I'm hoping the waitress in the sky bend down to pick up the napkin a passenger deliberately dropped before it... it won't end well...