Sunday, July 10, 2016

Humongous, Crush....Kill....Destroy!

That's exactly what it does.  What is it?  The product of an unspeakable act (vicious rape).  Throw in some great looking college age kids, though very annoying, and we have a typical 1980s slasher film. 1982's "Humongous" may have little to separate it from lots of other films of this genre, but it is ambitious with the gore and kills, and the rape scene that opens the film is brutal.  Our monster is quite humongous, and cannibalistic, which won't serve our babes and hunks too well, I'm afraid.
Beer Commercial Model
Ida (Shay Garner) is viciously raped by a drunk guy on her family's island on Lake Ontario.  Born of this horrible act, is of course, a huge, monstrous, mutant fiend.  36 years later, the island is deserted...actually not quite 100% deserted.  Enter our obnoxious protagonists. Sandy (Janet Julian) is a beer commercial model and her BF is Eric (David Wallace) are the only two likable ones.  Oh yes, Eric's sister Carla (Janit Baldwin) is also a good sort, but it's obvious from the onset her life expectancy won't be terribly long. Donna (Joy Boushel) is Nick's (John Wildman) GF....and very slutty.  Donna likes to show off her breasts a lot and flirt with everyone except Nick....can you guess her fate.  As our gang sails Lake Ontario, engaging in pre-marital sex a lot, fog and Nick's idiocy get their yacht wrecked and they beach on on the aforementioned island.  There they meet Bert (Layne Coleman), who has already wrecked and will be Donna's new object of desire.
The No Longer Pretty Carla
Once on the island, they are quickly stalked by the mutant. We cheer as Nick meets a painful end. Despite her shapely build, we then cheer when Donna assumes room temperature.  As the hunks and babes dwindle in number, our beer commercial model shows she has brains.  Together with her BF and Carla, they attempt to take the fight to Mr. Mutant....this will yield mixed results. Our trio will be horrified when they see what their nemesis does with their dead pals.  When running and screaming fails to produce positive results, Sandy comes up with a plan so far-fetched...that it just may work.  No spoilers here, but I always knew beer commercial models were smarter than they are given credit for.
Donna, a minute before her demise
Will Sandy survive and land a big contract with Coors?  Born of a vicious rape, does our monster have special plans for Sandy ( of Roger Corman films will know what I'm talking about)? What does the fiend have planned for his groceries....I mean corpses?  Directed by Paul Lynch (Prom Night), fans of 1980s slasher films will love "Humongous."  Perhaps predictable, but good acting and gore f/x make this one worthwhile.  "Humongous" is available in YouTube.

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  1. Such an under-rated slasher gem! Absolutely love this film!