Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Pack, Cujo and Company invade Australia

They roll over.....they eat the mortgage banker.  They fetch....they eat the police.  They shake hands....they eat sheep farmers.  They play dead....they make you dead.  Dogs!  Wild, feral beasts roaming rural Australia. eating all that gets in their way. From the Land Down Under, we look at 2015's "The Pack."  I hope you have had your rabies shots.
As our story opens, a husband/wife pair of sheep farmers are ripped apart by this fiendish canine pack.  Unbeknownst to the Wilson family, the evil dogs are headed their way.  The Wilsons' have fallen on hard times and Adam (Jack Campbell) has just found several of his herd mauled.  To make matters worse, an evil banker (Charles Mayer) has visited them and advised his bank will foreclose on his land.  Justice is bloody, and when the banker leaves he stops his car in the woods to relieve himself...bad move.  Adam must also deal with his teen-age daughter, Sophie (Katie Moore) who hates the farm and wants to move to civilization.  Just because they're teenagers, doesn't mean they are wrong.
The dogs converge on the Wilson property that night.  Adam's betrothed, Carla (Anna Lise Phillips) is a veterinarian, and loves to save animals.  She will have to reverse her ways now as the vicious dogs invade their land and house.  Oh yes...Adam and Carla also have a cute little boy, Henry (Hamish Phillips).  Early indications suggest that little Henry may be part of the solution in defeating this enemy.  Short on ammo, thanks to cute Henry, knives and fireplace pokers will have to suffice...yeah...fat chance.  Brains and cunning by our humans will be called for if they plan on surviving this night.
During this film, we're not always cheering for the humans, but we are pulling for the Wilson family. Who will win this epic battle? If the Wilson's do prevail, will they forever be taunted by Sophie? Sure to please cat-lovers, and perhaps a warning to dog-lovers, "The Pack" is on Netflix.  Nicely directed by Nick Robertson, fans of Australian horror will want to see this film.

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