Friday, July 22, 2016

Road Games, Serial Killer Drama in France

We know they're coming.  Those weird twists that make horror films so scary.  Knowing they're coming can serve to make these twists predictable.  Not here, though.  2015's "Road Games" is a quirky gem which throws a lot at us.  In horror films, skinny dipping and pre-marital sex will get you killed....unless the maniac is the one doing it.  We're never sure who the killer, or killers, are, and who the victims are...or will be.
Jack (Andrew Simpson) and Veronique (Josephine de la Baume) are two really great looking hitch-hikers.  They meet by chance in rural France as Veronique escapes from an automobile of a pervert and Jack plays her knight in shining armor.  Uh oh...neither one of these wanderers seems legit.  Jack doesn't have any bags, and his story about why he is in France is weak. Veronique? She is practicing writing a signature of a name which graces her, or someone else's, passport.  Now they hitch-hike together, only to be picked up by the weird Grizard (Frederic Pierrot).  Grizard reminds them that a serial killer is chopping up people along these rural roads and strewing their body parts over the countryside.  He invites them to his home for the night...and Jack accepts.  Veronique tries to tell Jack this isn't a god idea...he should have listened.
The good news....the sultry Barbara Crampton plays Mary, the madame of Grizard's estate.  The good news ends here.  Mary is weird and has some bent attraction for the younger Jack.  Grizard attempts to keep his two new friends at the estate longer, but both Jack and Veronique are creeped out by Grizard and Mary's eerie behavior.  Oh yes...the killings continue, as we get glimpses of a killer disposing of bodies nearby.  Is Grizard or Mary the Killer?  In fairness to our hosts, Jack and Veronique are just as weird, perhaps one of them is the killer?  But wait!  Enter a weird neighbor who collects road kill'll see.
Every character has their deviations from sanity, but just who is the killer?  Ms. Crampton is terrific, and we never know, until the end, if she wants to protect....or kill.  Directed masterfully by Abner Pastoll, and shot in France and Kent, England, "Road Games" is a neat horror film available on Netflix.

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