Thursday, July 7, 2016

Before You Go to Bed, Euro-Horror will make you Squirm

 Wow! It has been over 50 years since Roman Polanski made us squirm with his film "Repulsion." Catherine Deneuve turned in a most un-glamorous performance that had many of us ever ready to cover our eyes.  Mr. Polanski doesn't have many heirs in film-making, but today we will meet Frederik von Luttichau.  "Before You Go to Bed" needs our help, and this blog is excited to work with Frederik to get this film made.  Unlike most of the boring superhero films hitting the theaters this year, Frederik's chiller has a very modest budget.
A young man, not nearly as pretty as Ms. Deneuve (although, who is?), may be losing touch with reality.  On a weird night, our protagonist (von Luttichau) believes he may not be alone in his flat. His journey is a creepy one, and his eventual fate seems ominous. Is there someone, or something behind the shower curtain?  What does he see in his mouth as he brushes his teeth?  Like Mr. Polanski's film, you, as well as the protagonist, will undertake a journey into fear and paranoia. Remember!  Just because we are paranoid, does not mean that something isn't stalking us (either in our minds, or for real).
 This film demands viewings at many film festivals. Take my word for it, "Before You Go to Bed" will pile up the awards and accolades. Before that can happen, cash is needed for grading, sound, music and submission fees.  This is where we can all help.  Click on this link Before You Go to Bed  to view the KickStarter page.  Once on the page you can view an unsettling trailer, and meet Frederik.  Also, after viewing this page you will realize that any modest gift, even a dollar or two, will go so far in the completion of this horror short. those of you who yearn to see more Roman Polanski horror films, "Before You Go to Bed" is a work you will want to be associated with. Also, look for updates on their Facebook page.

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