Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Majorettes, So Pretty....So Dead

Sluts! Teases! Flaunting their bodies! Only one thing to do....send a slasher after them.  Yep...1987's "The Majorettes" is our feature today.  Dancing around in  skimpy, satin blue costumes....our damsels hardly stand a chance against a puritanical maniac. Yep, I know what your thinking...a totally predictable slasher film in which the clean cut majorette who doesn't engage in pre-marital sex survives.  Well.....lets just say that this film doesn't follow the norm.
Our film opens with a gratuitous dance routine by our blue leotard clad babes and quickly moves to a gratuitous locker room and shower scene.  Then the carnage begins. The very promiscuous Nicole (Jacqueline Bowman) is sliced up with her date as they were about to engage in pre-marital sex.  When another majorette has her throat cut, after a gratuitous changing into a bikini scene, in the family pool, it is apparent that the killer is using these killings as a religious purification rite.  Suspects are plenty....a puritanical pastor, a creepy peeping-Tom/janitor, an evil nurse presiding over the home of Vicki (Terrie Godfrey), a voluptuous majorette, an unstable quarterback who dates one of the majorettes...etc.
More gratuitous locker room and shower scenes ensue, and Jeff's (Kevin Kindlin) gal, Judy (Sueanne Seamens) has her throat cut after a nude shower scene.  Ahhh, remember Helga (Denise Huot), the nurse.  If Vicky dies after her 18th birthday (don't ask), she inherits the family fortune. Oh yes, Helga dispatches her drooling son to off Vicky.  More gratuitous shower and locker room scenes ensue, and Vicky is now being converged on by a myriad of evil forces.  BTW, an evil, satanic, drug motorcycle gang has hit town, and their leader wants to rape Vicky, and he heads her way.  Stop!  You won't believe the last 20 minutes of this film.  Who dies...who survives...and what transpires.  Let us just say Machine guns...knives...explosions...lynchings...more explosions....and dozens of deaths will all occur in these few minutes.
Will Vicky survive all the evil that is sent in her direction?  Of all the above mentioned suspects, may another majorette be responsible for the gore and carnage? A gratuitous sexploitation slasher film with lots of throat slashing, no doubt, but "The Majorettes" turns into something that will please die-hard "Rambo" fans.  Directed by Bill Hinzman (the zombie that attacks Barbara in "Night of the Living Dead"), this film is available on YouTube.

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